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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday's Moments...

The geese are restless as they move around the yard. I discovered the other day that the heads of the individual plastic goose can be adjusted by turning it. Barney was out and about among the geese yesterday and you can't fool him. He knows by smell that there is no life in those bodies.  He just moved through and around them while traveling to the other side of the yard.

A tradition of ours on the weekend of the Arts Festival is to eat downtown at Spaghetti Works. The place has been in business there a long time and has one interior overall in the past 15 years.  Saturday is the first time I thought about the dragon on the wall, and I am thinking it is plastic or styrofoam. It is one long dragon extending from the front window to the back of that upstairs dining area.

A part of this place is the old truck which has the salad bar on its back truck bed. It helps to make salad exciting but we did notice that the salad plates for the place have shrunk. It is a blurry photo.  The truck reminds me of the one that sat in a garage in southern Iowa at the "John and Iva" home. My brother and I went exploring a kids into the garage and were so surprised to see it sitting in the garage. We of course sat down in it and tried the steering wheel. My dad told me later that some antique hunter offered him $75 for it and took it away with a smile. That truck was just like this one.

The salads are good there but have been reduced in kinds of things. They have large jars of so many kinds of bread cubes and bacon bits at the end of the salad display.

I still have a huge chunk of this lasagna sitting in the refrigerator. It is one large serving. When I was younger I would have downed all of it easily. Their garlic bread is so great with butter on all sides and browned in an oven.

The place is a large, high ceiling with a tin ceiling painted black.  The pipes have to be exposed and the colors are done to be decorative. The old fashion adds and wooden booths makes one feel they are going back in time. The Coke sign advertises that you can buy the drink in glass bottles. I guess originally you could only get it in a glass at a counter.

Sunday afternoon sky seemed pretty quiet but today we have rain clouds everywhere. An early morning rain did soak up things and rain clouds won't be gone into around noon. We have things to do to keep us moving for a long time.  We will get things done.  Thank you for stopping by today.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

That restaurant looked like a fun place to dine, Larry, and the lasagna looked delicious and very filling. I too would have saved some because the garlic bread would have been tempting too. We have also been to some restaurants where the salad bars seem smaller, but that's not entirely a bad thing at times.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What fun to have a day out! The place you ate has much to look at whilst eating :)

Mildred said...

Hello Larry, What a fun place to dine at. I enjoyed seeing the interior, especially the truck. It's always nice to bring home leftovers and just heat it up on a busy day. I could eat several pieces of that delicious-looking bread! I appreciate you visiting my blog. We have really not had any guests to visit since moving in last July. It was wonderful having my college friends to spend the day with me.
Blessings to you both and give Barney a pat on his head from us.

troutbirder said...

Now that's yummy looking lasagna...:)

A Colorful World said...

Spaghetti Works looks like an awesome place to eat! Must have been a Chinese Restaurant once a long time ago with that beautiful dragon! The fake geese are cute...glad the dog wasn't fooled! :-)