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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday's Stuff.........

I bought marigolds to plant around my tomatoes.  There are three different kinds of them and this one is the larger of the blooms.  The grass on the flower is from me spreading grass mulch around the bases of the flowers and tomatoes.

This flower was sitting among the marigolds but I really don't feel it is from the same family. I had to prop them up at first before their roots were established. I bought some hardy geraniums to plant among my tomato plants so the raised bed will have two purposes as a flower garden and tomato garden.

A gift from a neighbor has found a place in our garden at the new place. It is nice that we moved to a community of people who as a majority have many dogs. The two golden retrievers that live across the street have beautiful shiny coats.  They help to inspire me to get Barney brushed a lot more. Their fur is so similar to Barney's.  A border collie is a mixture of retriever and collie.

It is a little like a horror movie as the vines attack our deck.  The two vines below the deck on the ground are robust and now have started vining up through the cracks of the deck. It would be better for me to cut them back now that wait for them to get large and hard to move.

There are three vines on trellises.  One of them is a new start, I believed, and I do plan on keeping it down on the ground level.  I think it is a nice vine but I can see that it will be a maintenance problem. I am trying to get some morning glories growing in a planter and they are not coming up yet.  I would like to have some visual blocking of some of my view but they just are not growing.

I have a new coffee maker.  It was an anniversary present. I think I will enjoy it for that one cup of coffee that normally would have been made from instant coffee. I actually have a one cup of coffee after lunch and after supper.  I drink too much coffee but yet is seems to be my normal. I really like the red color as our toaster oven and the other 12 cup coffeemaker is also red.

I am headed up to the house today to see what thing I will do.  I have so much to do there and yet pick one or two things and move on.  The truck helps me get things out of the basement and home.

The flower gardens really need attention too.  I just get something done each time and feel better about progress.  The shingles will be replaced some time in early July and I can keep working on painting rooms and fixing a ceiling in the former art gallery. I have a furnace guy coming to check on air condition problems and a thermostat placement problem.  I think that probably there are some tweaks needed to make it work correctly.

It is the weekend and I hope everyone has a good two days in a row.  Thank you for stopping by today.


Mildred said...

That's a big, pretty marigold! I like the plaque that was a gift from the neighbors too. I like the coffee maker very much. We are trying to limit our coffee to breakfast only, but a cup each afternoon late sure is tasty!

A Colorful World said...

Love your marigolds! I am thinking about doing the same!

The Furry Gnome said...

Love that huge bright Marigold!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh I love the red coffee maker, my husbands is black, he makes one cup of coffee a day sometimes two. I like the hot chocolate in the winter time! :)