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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday Afternoon Report..........

The end of a day's sky on Monday, shows the sun reflection on clouds above and some rain clouds approaching. It has stopped raining for the most part and we are told that we are behind in the amount of moisture that we do need.

I bought this in starter pots and they are growing nicely for me.  It was the first time I had ever planted them but they seem to be a good one for an annual flower.  I really need to go find the tag and see what they really are identified as because I bought them among marigolds.

There is this astilbe in the garden area under the steps. The vine I have shared earlier seems to be an overpowering plant that I may have to eliminate it.  I don't want to spend my summer cutting it back continually.  I have mentioned before that it is spreading all over the side of the deck and coming up through the deck floor. You can see the vine in the background. I had long strands of it growing along the patio floor.

This is another kind of fern that is growing under the steps.  Things are almost too crowded under there for individual plants to be enjoyed. This is the same area as the Jack in the Pulpit and lily of the valley.

I have a weedy-looking plant on the southwest side of the house. I didn't destroy it as I was too busy. It is at the top of a hill next to the air conditioner unit. Monarda (bee balm) is what I see that it is. I have the red colored one at the old place.  I will try to bring some of it down to the new place as I can see it grows good here.

While digging through boxes and unpacking more things I found this tear-filled little guy. He belongs in the cupboard of other figurines and somehow was placed in the over flow box.

I spent the morning at the house, throwing things away from the basement and the garden shed. I get interrupted by neighbors who want to talk.  I am polite and visit but I do need to get to tossing things. I stopped to buy things for the husband of my wife's first cousin who just died. I dropped them off at his house to and check on him. He lives at a neighboring town. I bought Barney some meds in the same town so it was an efficient trip.

The afternoon will include removing some things from the truck and putting them away.  I rarely use the Wet and Dry vac but I will store it in my shop.  I found another glass kerosene lamp that matches one of the globes I had already moved.  It was sitting on a shelf behind one last box on a shelf in the basement. It is an oldie that I will photograph and share after I get it cleaned.

I need to dig a deep hole for my yucca plant that I brought to the new house.  The root on those plants are long. They look like they grow very deep to get moisture from the earth as if they are a desert plant. I guess they are but they grow well in Iowa. I must close this blog down for good.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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