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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Second Day of the Week.....

Monday's night stirring of clouds did not bring us any rain.  These hot days usually stir up a bad storm and maybe today it will happen.

I went to the old house yesterday to pick up sawn logs from my old lilac bushes. I needed to take them to the city dump where wood is burned. I filled that truck to the brim of large branches and fallen branches.  While leaving to go home, I looked over at the front of the house and noticed the hydrangea were blooming. I stopped the truck and went over to get some blooms. I didn't have shears so I had to tear them off the stems. I didn't have water to put them in either but they seemed to hang tough and I took them home.

I have started to hang some things in the house.  This item is not an expensive piece but it is something we liked to use for small items in our collections.  The thing had to be hung with anchor type devices.  I hung it as is and the pocket door to the left would not open as the door hit the bracket inside the wall.  So I had to remove the left anchor and shorten another bolt by two inches and rehang it again.  Now the pocket door will slide open completely again.

This originally hung on the paneled wall in our old dining room. It blended in with the dark walnut paneling and now it seems to stand out more noticed on the light painted wall, It is in our entry way from the garage next to the kitchen.

I am giving my not so nimble fingers a day off from working at the old house. I have plenty of things to do that includes watering and planting a few last plants.  I planted my sunflower seeds yesterday and a row of zinnias. I hope it isn't too late for them. I will fight the clay soil for ever but I will win with that. I need to get mulching material for everything that has been planted.

It will be another very hot day for us again today.  I will work outside early morning before it gets into the 90s. Thank you for stopping by today.


Mildred said...

Good Morning. You are wise to give your hands a rest. John took a tumble in the yard yesterday, so he is taking today off, also. Here in the south, a neighbor told us we could cut off some woody stems of hydrangea and stick them directly in the soil and they would probably root. We are trying it!
Your blossoms are beautiful. I like the little wooden hanging curio. We have a few heavy pieces that required anchors to hang. Always makes me kind of nervous to make a big whole in the sheetrock!
Have a blessed day; stay cool.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We planted sunflower seeds last Wednesday and some are up today! We are cooler today but have storms! Your cabinet looks great there on the wall:)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's been hot so early in so many places, Larry. Your flowers seem to be thriving despite the heat. Working early in the day used to be our routine in VA for many years.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

We are having a much anticipated rain right now, only trouble is, after 90 plus degree days of heat, it's bringing severe weather with it.
It's not my cup of tea.
Lovely little cabinet, it looks like a Welsh cabinet, and can't wait to see it's inhabitants.
Beautiful Hydrangeas I've never had luck with them, since our soil needs amending to suit their needs. I hope you are able to transplant them.

Gardening with Juanita said...

I stopped by the flour on the porch is beautiful. You did a good job. I haven't been on line my cat is a pest ,I had to put her outside to read a few blog.