Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, May 16, 2013


The red tulips are aging but they still show off against the barberry shrub that sits behind them.

This time the camera caught the red in its true color.  The wild violets are doing so well this year with all the rains.  I don't mow until they are about gone.  It is tall but my mower will chop through it.

The redbud is looking good this year.  I am always amazed how this kind of tree grows in the wild areas and you can see it has slowly spread up through the wooded hills of Iowa.  It looks more red in color when it is in the timber with the light green background of the leaves and grass.

It cooled off last night so the air didn't have to stay on very long in the evening.  It was 60 degrees by morning and the house was cool with the windows opened.  I have plans to get some tomato plants planted by the weekend so the rain in the forecast doesn't make that a possibility.  We will see where that will fit in to my time schedule.  I do sometimes just plant a few at a time for a strung out period until I get them all planted.  I have more plants started than I need so I will hand out some in the neighborhood once I get all I want into the ground.  Lawn mowing is in my future too.  I can wait to see what the weather is going to do to decide when to do that.  

I am back in the middle school study hall today.  I am counting the days now. We have had only one bad very hot day so far and hope we can avoid them until the end of the school year. Thanks for stopping by today..


Far Side of Fifty said...

Such pretty flowers! You captured the reds very nicely! Have a good weekend! :)

Gardening with Juanita said...

The red tulips are pretty. My Mother put red buds in my very blond hair when I went to grammar school.