Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dragging Through.......

It has seemed to be a long week. I guess there were only five days just like all of the rest but some of the days were hard on me.  I am glad it is Friday.  We are drying out from the last rain of 3 and a half inches.  The farmers are anxious to get into the fields but more rain is coming Sunday.

The corner garden on the corner of the block is coming alive. I have new iris out here, a fern leafed peony and tulips all growing here.  I usually buy marigolds to fill in as it is a hot spot out in the open sun all summer.

The ornamental flowering pear tree has put out some of its blooms.  I was surprised to see them out there but it really is time for it to be happening.  The redbud tree is showing color, the spirea has started to bloom as well as the honeysuckle.  My cherry bushes did not do well with the snowstorm.  There are hardly any flowers still on the stems.  I don't think there was any time for them to get pollinated.  I also have lily of the valley showing signs of blooms.  

The peony row will soon overshadow the tulips.  Most years the tulips are gone by that time but not this year. It is always great to have the peonies in bloom and they smell so great.

The math room in the high schools seems to be my destination again today.  The teacher that was to be the permanent sub did not take the job  so I may be in here again Monday.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I wish you well on the weekend hoping you have a fun and restful two days.


claude said...

Your garden looks nice, Larry.
I love the birdbath.
Over here in the middle est of the country, it was rain too much thath the crops are ruined.
Have a great week-end !

Melissa said...

Your flowers are truly beautiful. since I live in an apartment now, I will spend more time enjoying yours! Thank you for sharing.