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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Photos of Information.......

When I place a photo on my Photo a Day blog I try to select a shot that is in focus, well composed and it has more of a fine art quality.  When I switch over to this creative zone, I like to share photos of quality but I just realized they are shots of information.

The above tulips were a part of a circular planting that I did years ago with iris and tulips.  In the middle were grape hyacinths.  Unfortunately the iris were killed out by two summers in a row of too much rain.  They rotted away in the ground.  As you look past this group you can see the tulips on the other side of the circle.  Instead of cropping the shot down I thought I would give you the full view of the area.  I like the color of these tulips and the yellow one is so hard for my camera to pick up its color when I try a close shot.

I discovered that I could pick up the flower head and place it between leaves to get them to stand up again.  All of them were laying on the ground in the dirt.

The rain has made the blooms pop on the wild violets.  The foliage is lush and the flowers are plentiful.  I remember the violets in my Grandmother's town of Murray where the violets were deep purple and  pure white.  My violets are all light in color or the mixed colors of blue and white. It is strange how they are not consistent.  I know that on our southern Iowa farm all violets were deep purple ones.  No white colors of any kind existed.

It is Tuesday and we are going to have a nice day today.  It will start raining late evening and we will get some more rain the next two days.  Bring it on as we need to replace a lot of dry spots.  Thanks for stopping by today.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Your Violets are gorgeous, it's a plant I have tried to grow but sadly no blooms, our soil has so much clay...
Hope the rain doesn't stop the growth !

Anonymous said...

Pretty blooms. We are grateful for the rainfall we've had. They put out sod in our front yard right before we bought and it is doing fine. Also, we now live close to Lake Lanier which is full for the first time in years.
Hope you get a nice rain shower this evening.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Those tulips really pop!