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Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday, Monday........

The rains on the plains really don't like this plant.  One blogger friend told me that this was called a Mother's Day peony.  In three days all of the buds went into blooms.   We had a larger rain and a lot of rain last night so I doubt there is much left to show for now. I really like them.

A quote from an Iowan, unknown to me, but I bet is a nice person said, "The peony, if you're interested, is called Paeonea Smouthii. We always called it "Mother's Day Peony" because it blooms very early, usually early to mid-May (at least around se Iowa)"

The name of wildflowers get confusing but I think now that this is called the blue wood phlox.  I think as a kid we called them sweet William but that was folklore.  Anyway the area in which these plants are growing reminds me of the timber with all the creeping Charlie, day lilies, old fashion roses and grass growing in all the same place. It is a thick jungle.

I am growing this aronia berry shrub for my neighbor.  She has three of them and I have her fourth one.  We will see plenty of fruit on this one this year.  The dry weather last year did nothing for it but the early rains brought it to life.  It stands almost six feet tall now and is sending up new shoots each year.

I didn't have the time to get the tomato plants in the ground over the weekend.  It looks like we have another rain coming this afternoon so maybe by Wednesday I can get some of them planted.  I did get the yard mowed and the senior composite of the graduating class was finished and delivered on Saturday.  I didn't get pictures of it this year but they all do look alike.  It would have been nice to have the tomatoes  in with the nice rains.  I do have them in the larger pots and they seem to be still growing strong.  I have had them on the back porch for a few days but tornado warnings all evening meant that I should bring them in.  We escaped the 80 mph winds but we did have strong winds.

It is Monday.  I have had better days but I will face it with courage.  When I get discouraged someone always comes around and encourages me.  I could tell myself that things could be worse.  We have a foul 5 day work week and this the last four days next week for the end of school to happen.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Gardening with Juanita said...

The Peony is so pretty. Can you use the berries. I have never heard of them.