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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I purchase trees and shrubs when the prices drop in late fall.  This chokecherry is ornamental as there has never been any cherrys develop on this tree.  I don't know how they breed them to do that but my one pear tree is the same way.  They are great specimen trees but no fruit is every present from there growth.

My father in law helped me plant this chokecherry tree many years ago.  Anytime I had things to do that would interest him I could get him out of the house to come and watch and discuss the procedure.  We planted three trees together when he first moved in with us.  The redbud and maple are both very large in size and great color to the landscape. I am trying to remember what year is was that he moved in and I think it was 2001.  Those three trees are now 12 years old.

These white fancy tulips are out and looking good.  They are strange looking and look more like feathers than most flowers.  The tulips behind them make a great backdrop for the photo.

I guess I will have to do my tulip a day series to use up all the different shots of special tulips.  The whole yard is very green and growing well in spite of the 96 degree weather we had yesterday.  It was hot  and then dropped down to 45 degrees in the late night early morning.  It will be 83 degrees F. today.

School is coming to a close in 12 school days.  The students were ready to be out a week ago.  I guess that I am ready for the end to happen also.

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