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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Under the snow......

You would be able to see these blooms in my yard if you take a broom and sweep the four inches of snow from them.  I won't show you snow scenes as I am going to pretend that it is May 2nd.  My students are watching it snow from the study hall room asking what time will we get out of school.  I would be surprised that we would but it has been a strange spring.

Tulip watch continues and I anxious to see if the moisture from the rains and snow will make a difference to them.  We did need the moisture.  It started to snow in the middle of the night and it is snowing harder now than ever before.  It is the big wet fluffy snow so it will measure deeper and yet will melt faster.  The ground temps are helping to keep the accumulation down a little.

I will share another New England bluebell shot with you.  I hope they will be in full bloom soon.

My daffodil shot comes from the back yard today.  I remember that this is the kind of daffodil that bloomed at my farm  when I was a kid.  A former farm owner had planted them and they would magically come up, bright yellow shapes,  among the orchard grass that surrounded the hand water pump out near the garden. A few stray tulips would show up as well as well as a couple of parrot tulips would bloom.  All of it made me interested in the magic of flowers and all their colors and shapes back then fifty years ago.

As it continues to snow I will close of this post.  I am glad you could stop by today.  Take care.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

It missed us! Horray for me..but you said you needed the moisture! Cold here too..not spring like at all:)