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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, May 13, 2013


This flowering shrub popped out into blooms a couple of days ago.  Other shrubs are out but my batteries died.  I will bring more flowers of redbuds and lilacs in the near future.  I mowed for the first time on Saturday.  It was too long but my newer mower has high powered engine on it so it is like running a grass shredder.  I will mow again next week to make it look better but I had to wear a coat while mowing on Saturday.

Digital cameras and red are not always the best of friends.  I suppose I should search for a different setting.  The red sometimes just shows up as white or yellow when I snap red things.

This is my favorite daffodil.  It has multiple blooms on it one stem and they are small.  They bloom much later than the other variety.  Our weather the past year affected them as there a a lot of them  to bloom but they didn't all bud this year.

I survived Saturday school for four hours and it did make my weekend seen a lot shorter.  There won't be too many more of these as there are 14 days of school left.  This is the last week for seniors to attend school and the 31st is the last day for all students to attend school.  That will be my last day too as a sub.  I am lined up to start janitorial work and the hours for that start at six in the morning.  I get off work at two in the afternoon and it works well for summer fun.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

You have blooms popping up all over:)