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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Dull Looking Day.........

The noise of the tree cutters has started already this morning.  Our property is next as they have removed the one large tree next to the yellow machine.  The very large one in the back will fall this morning as it is already trimmed up for its demise.

I am in favor of the natural elements being the cause of tree trimming.  The heavy snow in one of our storms helped clip off this branch on the balsm pine.  I see that I have major branches that were clipped off by the snow's weight on my lilac shrub.

 The sun was shining in the window just right and the tank light was on.  I was there at just the right time to take photos. I took a lot of them and the fish were all clear and in focus in my shots.  The reason I went in there was to shoot a photo of  the algae eater as it was out and cleaning the glass.  He of course swam off into the castle when I returned with the camera.

AJ is three years old as of today.  He has grown quickly and to show a baby picture would be too shocking to compare.  We now get to visit with him weekly over the computer net connection.  He read to us from a book the one time as we visited him.  He of course told us his version of the book and was not really reading. His gift and card are in the mail and I bet we will see him open it when the time comes. A second grandchild is due in the last of April.  AJ knows already that it may not be a thing for him to have a brother or sister.

I am home again today and that is good.  I repaired the upstairs toilet yesterday and now have other things to do today.  It is good to have a slower pace than being at theschool building all day.  Our weather is going to stay cool and it looks awful outside.  A good soaking rain would wash away a lot of dirt but we probably will get it in the form of snow instead.  I thank you for checking in today.


Patsy said...

Happy Birthday to AJ! They grow so fast and so much smarter.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Too bad about the trees being cut down, sad that it's necessary. Your grandson, AJ, is a good looking little fellow and I do remember when you shared the photos of him as an infant. Congrats to all on the forthcoming family addition.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday to your AJ he is growing up so fast! It has been fun to watch him grow. He will adjust to being a big brother. He can be a big help getting stuff and holding stuff for his parents. I found that when the baby needed to be fed was a great story time, she could hold the book and turn the pages while I read the book and fed the baby!! (Kept her out of trouble too! )

You can prune the bad limbs out of the Lilac but those branches won't have blooms this year. The heavy snow takes its toll on trees. We got snow this morning...I shoveled again:(