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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

MIddle of the Week.....

The decoration on this box is so great to see.  It reminds me of summer with the daisies and sunflowers. I probably have shared this box before but it is a new photo.

A leftover shot of yesterday's work in the student coffee shop. The concession stand is still stocked for selling for games but I think all the sports are now over for the year.  I guess they will box it all up and take it to the baseball diamond.

A blurry shot of a cup of coffee that I had last evening.  I like the impressionistic painting printed on the mug. We have two of these and the one with the sailboats is mine. Low light and instant cameras will never take a focused shot but the impressionistic painting seems out of focus when you see it in high light anyway.

The neighbor up the street had a Christmas tree that was white and then she covered it with all crystal ornaments.  White lights with crystal ornaments on a tree makes the tree look like a snowflake or shining light.  Audrey loved her tree and she admitted that she would put it up and not like its look and take everything off and do it again. She had the perfect tree. We were friends with her for a while and during that time she would give my wife crystal ornaments. The little birdbath is one of them.  It never makes it on our tree but sits in a glass cabinet with other small delicate things.

When she sold the house, she then went to the retirement home. The house, big four square styled house, hasn't kept a solid long time owner ever since.  It keeps getting bought and then foreclosed.  Audrey is gone now and she left the house back in 2002.

I don't know how they made the little birds but they do have beady little black eyeballs. I just now noticed that the silver ribbon would be used to hang it.

We are warmer and will see some or most of our snow go away for a while.  We have the rest of March to get through and we usually get hit hard with snow at least once in March.  I am an at-risk teacher today helping students with their homework.  It is a nice change from my last two days of work.  Thank you for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to hear you are out of the snack shop! That is a really pretty ornament...very unique:)