Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, February 5, 2016

Super Friday.........

The neighbor's trees always give us great snow settings throughout the winter.  You can see how the wind plastered snow on the west side of the trees.

From frozen rain to snow the scene has a solid foundation of white precipitation. We had another 6 inch or more of snow dumped onto this white winter scene.

I didn't get done with the porch roof extension but what I did get done is really doing its job. Normally the water and ice would have been next to the house.  I am really glad I went ahead and added it in early winter.  Some of the boards that I need to finish on the sides of the rof are still leaning against the wall inside, staying dry and warm.

The new lighting pole gives me an opportunity to take photos inside that I wasn't able to do before now. The top view of the village is lighted so all of the area is in focus.

The stuff piled on the table which is ready to be put into storage is lighted for a still life presentation. I have two of the lighting poles so I can put light on two sides of the objects.  I just had one of the poles out so I did get some shading on the left side of things.

The last ornament from the big tree is still in the living room.  It may end up in a drawer and now with other ornaments.  He is a funny looking santa on the roof top. 

I am in the 8th grade reading room today.  Lots of reading, sentence corrections and free reading going on in the room today.  I had only a two day week this time but I am still anxious for the weekend.  We will warm up just a little but flurries keep creeping into the forecast.  It is getting to be a long winter now and I am ready for another season.  Thanks for checking in today. 


Mildred said...

The trees are pretty with snow. Glad your porch roof is helping keep the water away from the house. Those are some big icicles.

Fantastic photos with the light poles. What a fun gift to experiment with.

Hope you both have a nice, safe weekend.

Patsy said...

Like your blue gate with all the white snow.