Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Learning is Slow........

The Iphone 5 that our son gave us recently still isn't set up to be a phone. It is though a computer and camera.  The camera part we are both working with it learning all the little quirks that make it work.  I like how I can email photos to my mail account and then edit the photo on whatever program that I want on my main computer. We both are savvy enough on the computer but the phone had too many twists and turns to make it a snap to use.

Pressing on the dot to take one photo means not holding down your fingertip on the spot.  You can get 18 photos in one shot as the trigger is a tapping process and not a hold down on the button type of thing.

It was fun to try it out with the grandson. I did get 20 shots of AJ eating on one cupcake.  It looks like I took a movie the way each picture is just a little bit different. I still like a computer better than the little phone but I can see how we will incorporate into our everyday lives.  We do need to go ahead and get the phone set up on it as we have two burner phones that are discontinued and not functioning anymore. We are told that we can't live without a cell phone.

A project I can do while I am not watching the Super Bowl is to clean these up to see them shine. I discovered the swan in a junk box of my parents a few days ago and I thought the brass ducks could be displayed with it.

A winter project is to snap those little offspring on the cactus and start them in soil.  Maybe right next to the parent plant.  Winter is a perfect time to work on them when you don't want to be outside in the snow.

I just mentioned that we won't watch the football game.  The commercials would be the good part of the game but we usually skip it each year and it hasn't effected the quality of our life. I am glad there are so many who like to watch it, I just don't have any interest.

We did melt off some snow on Thursday but at the most part we still have a lot of snow.  It makes it feel cold even when the sun is shinning.  We went to the bookstore for a while this morning and stopped at Wally world for essentials.  Our light in the refrigerator had gone out and it is dark in there without the light working.  We had a few other food items to get and we came home for a rest.  I am moving slow today but will get a few things more done before the day is done.  Thank you for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

We don't watch Football either. Usually we go someplace because everyone else is at home, one year we were the only ones at the Headwaters but it is going to storm so we will stay home. Your snow is very pretty and white and clean ours is really dirty:(

The Furry Gnome said...

I finally gave in and got an iphone a couple of years ago, mainly for the safety of having it when i'm out exploring. My wife is much more comfortable knowing I have it, and more likely to let me go out by myself. Certainly no football here.

Mildred said...

I don't watch football either. John has some interest but usually falls asleep. Your snow is pretty; I hope you both enjoyed getting out and about to the bookstore. I woke at 4 this a.m. and have been out with Theo twice - it's cold here today! Wishing you two a blessed Sunday.

Vicki Lane said...

We still have dumb phones . . . maybe someday . . .