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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Saga Continues..........

We were gone yesterday as the trees were taken down.  I guess it was best we were not here.  We had legal business and then went for lunch and free pie.  We got home to see the war zone they had created.

The trees are very old.  I have watched them grow the past 40 years and I am sure they were there most of the time after the house was built in 1904.  A silver maple's growing behavior is such that the trunks become hollow and the larger branches also are hollow.  It is the reason why the squirrels, owls, raccoons and most other kinds of birds like them. Eventually some of the larger branches die as the hollow characteristic shuts down the water supply because of it size and shape.

The reasons they used to eliminate them was that they were diseased.  They were very healthy as you can see by the cross section cuts. This mess will be cleaned up this morning and the stumps will probably be removed also by the end of the day.

This tree was growing probably back during World War 1 and has seen many changes in families who have lived in the neighborhood. I took pictures to honor the last of these old trees as I have seen them everyday since I moved onto the property in 1976.

The people of this community say that believed the counsel when the were a danger to walk under.  They can't believe that they cut everything that grew leaves but they did. The man is removing the redtwig dogwood shrub and right next to it they cut down the red maple tree that was probably 10 years old. I won't use sarcasm here but you can see my point. I am certain they wanted to take them down before people realize that they had damage 10 good trees with their deep ditch that was dug.  I think only my maple would have been effected.

 Now that our house and backyard will be in full sun I guess I can grow tomatoes in the back yard.  They struggle where I presently plant them. I don't look forward to the house being heated up in the summer but it is what it is.  I need to get seed into the pots soon as my neighbors who also take plants from me try to plant very early.

We go to do our taxes this afternoon right after I get done working at school. We will be glad to have that done one more time.   I won't have to pay in this year.  The school doesn't take much out of my check anymore so we won't have as much money come back to us.

I am working the concession stand again today.  That will last through 5th hour and then I go to 3 different classes in the afternoon.  It makes for an interesting day.  I hope all are well out there and thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

So sad about the trees you will miss the shade. At least it is over, I would sure complain but that is probably just wasted breath and a big frustration. :(

carolann said...

oh wow these are magnificent size. Sad and you will miss them.

We loss trees in my last place I lived. They were 200 years old. Over a street over. Not ours.

A huge Tornado 10 years ago took out the whole road and waterfronts as docks, trees, shrubs and some homes. Well they were more cottages torn apart on that strip.The old Church stood up of over 100 years old. That was a miracle. Alot of trees were rooted near the Church of course.