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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, February 29, 2016

Looking Forward.....

I have cut a dozen or more twigs from the now eliminated redtwig dogwood.  I just happen to see in a magazine in a garden article where the sticks were all placed in a glass jar to force roots and leaves. I will have to bring mine up from the basement and put them in a glass jar.

I shared this on my photo a day blog yesterday and will do today on this site.  I will be planting soon as it is time to get the tradition started.  I know I have a few leftover seeds in some packets from the past two years and I will add them to the variety of plants that I will grow. Snow is predicted for tomorrow night so we are not out of the woods yet with winter weather.

The evergreens survived our winter and are all looking healthy.  I see birds are hitting some of the evergreens for seed or pods.

The burning bushes have provided seeds all winter for the birds. They are greening up a little and will soon be leafed out again.

On the patio I found this chunk of wood.  It must of gone flying when the chain saws were working.  It is silver maple wood so it is very light weight compared to a hardwood tree. I don't quite understand the stairs step design carved on it but judging by the color on the piece it must have come from the lower part of the trunk.  I suppose the chopper that took out the stumps created this.

I am home today.  I do have lots of things to do.  I will have to wait for it to be a lot warmer before I can go outside to work on the birdfeeder or the porch. I will just stay inside until then.  Yesterdays winds made windchills that were really uncomfortable. I see that I still have a couple of small piles of snow that still are not completely melted. The one narrow strip of snow by the drive is about four feet long and 4 inches wide. It might go away today.  A lot of sticks can be picked up outside but that too will wait until I can do it without freezing myself.  I am really getting very tired of cold temperatures.

 I hope all are safe and that you can have a good day.   Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


KCD said...

Those marks look like they were left by a stump grinder. The have huge carbide teeth that really rip and tear and throw stuff around. You don't want to be too close to one of those things when they are going.

The Furry Gnome said...

We keep losing a bit of snow in the mild spells, and then getting it back qhen it snows some more!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Bitter winds and cold here today. No fun after our warm day on Saturday! Good thing that chunk of wood didn't hit you or your windows or one of the digs. I am certain your cutting will root...good idea! Those tomatoes look good even on the package!
Thanks for your kind thoughts always, tomorrow is the port replacement day so we will be gone most of the day. I hope this one works for longer than the last one. :)