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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Current Events.......

We heard chain saws all day yesterday.  They succeeded in taking down a huge tall tree and cleaned up the area. It took them all day.  I laugh at the sight that I see here.  The tree behind the truck didn't get cut down because it is about eight feet to the other side of the sidewalk.  It isn't in their jurisdiction.  The neighbors have no trees now on the east side of the house. It looks really bad.

 Of all the trees to be taken down, this one deserved to be saved.  It was a perfectly formed tree. They had tor remove most all of the branches the day before and then this photo shows them cutting it off in chunks.

This tree was a high quality tree compared to my beat up old silver maples.  Cutting this chunk into pieces took a long time.  They couldn't lift pieces like this into their truck with their lift.  I like how the mailbox survived all the goings on in the yard.  I did see them tie a chain from one branch to the tree so when it was cut, it would swing away from the house and fence. It is quite a project for these men to do.

This picture should have been shown first.  I didn't notice the guy looking up to the top of that big tall trunk. They put down plywood to try to save some of the grass as we have warmed up enough to make it muddy on the top surface of the ground.

 We left to do some legal business and went for lunch out.  While we were leaving they had already removed my redtwig dogwood shrub.  As we drove out into the street the 10 year old red maple was laying in the ditch.  When we returned the two silver maples were all down.  I knew it would not take long as this kind of tree grows up and out and has  hollow trunks and limbs.  That makes the cutting easy.

I guess I can grow tomatoes in the backyard now as it will be full sun back there.  The war zone of trees left in our yard is being cleared now.  It makes me tired and it is a sad thing.  "Can't fight city hall" is such a true statement.  The sad thing is that the city representatives are probably proud they made such a great decision.  Those very bad trees that drop leaves on the ground are now all gone.

Well I have work for the next two days and we also will have our taxes submitted tomorrow. It will be a busy two days but the weekend is coming.  Thanks for checking in today.


The Furry Gnome said...

Always sorry to lose big old trees that are still healthy

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hate to see any trees cut down. The power company came along and shredded all the brush and cut the trees along the road so they don't fall over the power line while I was gone the first part of January. I was glad to be gone.
Your shade went to sun...and you live in hot old Iowa, where shade is a welcome thing:(