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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Every Other One........

I finally touched base on this flower and I have a focused shot. I have a lot of photos of tulips and I will share as many as I can.  I do think I will scatter them though.

I am out on my sidewalk next to the street having a "Senior Citizen" moment. I had notice that the iris that I had rescued for my parent home had all died out, there was too much water in that spot,  and nothing was there in that spot. Also I was moaning because I thought the rhubarb had not come up either.  After a few seconds I glanced back and well look at that, there is the rhubarb.  I had lost my focus.  It looks as good as usual and is ready to be picked.  I guess it was too large for me to see. So I then took a photo to share and said, "never mind."

I have only one of these kinds of tulips.  It came in a pack of mixed bulbs.  It reminds me of a cabbage like flower. It is very short this year because of the cold spell we had in the middle of a nice spring.

The garden area that I created two years ago is taking shape this year.  I had removed a 35 year old spreading juniper.  The iris are taking off quickly.  I again have no clue as to what colors they will be.  I planted some new varieties and I think I transplanted a white variety in here. The bucket boy statue looks like he needs a platform to stand on so he can see out over the plants.

I have only one of these.  It would be nice in a bed of 24 bulbs but I have just the one.  I can enjoy it as photographed better and easier than going out to see it.

An artist named Nesbitt did large oil paintings of different flowers and these single close up photos remind me of his work.
My wife has an artwork of an iris that I will share on the side bar of this blog today.

We all know Iowans are strange.  Look at me!  Anyway we as a population can see wildlife in real life and most people will believe us.  If we see moose, which is very rare, no one doubts the person.  When we see bears from Minnesota, not a person will doubt them.  But when anyone sees a mountain lion, they are always doubted.  A man yesterday morning saw a mountain lion just outside of town, three blocks from our home.  We have  washways from our town, my ditch, that have created ravines in the many years the town has existed.  The ravines are now large with water in them and they eventually drain down into creeks and then into the Beaver Creek west of here.  If a mountain lion was following our Beaver River down from the neighboring states he would feed on small animals and maybe even road kill.  If a mountain lion is in a town such as Des Moines and has to be shot because it is near a school, one can't disclaim that they are seeing a mountain lion.  They did have photos when that happened a couple of years ago.

Back to the point, a man posted on facebook that he saw the mountain lion south of our gas station just outside of town early morning.  It was on the town facebook for a good part of the day and then they had it pulled.  The DNR maybe thinks it best we don't know it until they can prove it looks like a very large cat similar to a smaller African Lion. In the past, if the DNR didn't see it then all reports are not true.  It may have been pulled to make people not to be so scared.  It may have been pulled because we might get our guns out and shoot things that move in the dark.  I don't know.  I believe the guy saw what he saw.  The reactions that follow, always seem to amaze me.

The full moon has been and is now receding.  I took this many days ago.  It really isn't a good photo of the moon, it just a bunch of colors.   I am in the AT RISK room today helping people to not avoid  doing their homework.  We are so windy and cold today.  It rained very hard early morning with 50 mph of wind.  The east side of our house has been scrubbed down like it has been to the car wash.  The windows just had rivers of water running down them during it all.  It is Wednesday today and two more days of work to go.  Thank you for stopping by today. 


Far Side of Fifty said...

You are right about the animal sightings, you almost have to have a photo and other witness to prove you saw something! Love that tulip with the blush of pink! What fun it will be when all your Iris bloom! Sun is here today...about time! :)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Ooh, I couldn't handle a mountain lion being close by, yesterday a red fox came running down the driveway and now I'm worried about the cats....
Your tulips are just gorgeous, they are a lovely spring plant.
As warm as we are down here in the south, our Iris always seem to be the last to bloom in the neighborhood, we think it's because they are old stock ?!
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us Larry, as always they are spectacular.

The Furry Gnome said...

Beautiful purple Tulip! And interesting about the Mountain Lion.

racheld said...

Your photos are always a wonderful bright spot in the day---you seem to capture the soul of the flowers, especially the tulips. That first one reminds me of a bouquet Chris brought home at least twenty years ago (before we were in this house). They were just that dusty not-quite-pink-not-tan, with a little glow and shine to the petals, and as they slowly swayed down over the large vase, they opened to the most wonderful colour I could imagine.

And they lasted for WEEKS. I look back on those "kitchen tulips"---they sat on the breakfast table, which back then, I kept re-set, even between meals, with plates and silver and napkins just so---as THE bouquet amongst all I've ever received.

And since I was just reckoning time by "being in THIS house," the tulips which were planted by the former owner are now at least twenty years old, as well. They've dwindled down to three---two "volunbteers" which crop up in the hosta beds out back, both deep red with one yellow cheek, and one bright yellow out at the end of the front flowerbed. Some years they give their all to a cluster of green, and never show a bloom, and this year, we had all three, for about ten days, shining like little flags out amongst all the shades of green. Bless their valiant, hopeful little hearts (which are a deep purple).

Hope all these storms and rain have left you and your garden unscathed---we've had MARCH for about two months now, and they say high winds beginning again this p.m.

Thanks for all the BRIGHT!