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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Morning........

The photo of the tulips and the birch tree has become a traditional shot for me.  The tulips are sturdy and show their blooms every spring regardless of my lack of memory of it.  Then, every spring I am reminded that I have taken this shot before.

I am old fashioned and I am going to let them grow. They are invading the side of the yard and it looks like I had done it deliberately.  Normally I mow them back to keep them under control.  This year I have a new garden statement. I am sure a few older walkers that go by to critique my yard will be a little upset about it.  I just hope they don't call and ask if they can come over and help me mow them back.  When they go into decline, I will then mow them back in to the correct formal garden shape.
Can you see the robin in the background looking for bugs and worms?

I moved iris and planted new iris from the neighbor last growing season so here we have it. I don't know where any color of iris is planted. This one though I am betting is a white iris.  I dug large clumps of white iris that the road and sidewalk crew had smashed down with their machinery. I have a good chance to see them bloom this year as they were very large established rhizomes.  

With most of my iris in full sun this year I am anxious to see what will develop in the show of flowers.  The area next to the fence that was in complete shade from the now demolished and removed maple trees should grow differently and better than it has ever before now. The 40 years that the fence area with honeysuckle bushes should change and grow well. Then again, hot sun may be the negative too. 

The growth of the Asiatic lilies has been fast.  The photo above was taken 7 or 8 days ago and now look at it.

We had a visit with this little guy via facetime yesterday.  We are able to visit live on the internet with visuals going each way.  One very proud father was holding him with one arm and holding the iphone with the other.   The little guy is a small one and he slept almost the whole time.  He did blink open once and looked at the invading phone screen.  It was nice to visit with our son and see his second son.  Teddy is nice little bundle. 

Off to teach Sunday school this morning and home again for a quiet day.  We are suppose to have severe storms in the evening.  We seem to be getting heavy moisture in the air but not sprinkles.  I hope for all of you to have a good Sunday.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Mildred said...

Good Sunday Morning, How grand that you are able to facetime with your son and grandsons. Teddy must look very small in your son's arms. So happy your irises are doing well. We don't have any at this home. At one time, I had several diff. color combinations. The house with mother had lots of ferns and we just let them grow. They were beautiful and when they did decline, we would just cut them back and they would look good again in no time. Our yardman at the time offered to get ride of them for us! lol
Hope you both feel better and I hope the afternoon will be relaxing.

The Furry Gnome said...

I love those ferns! I can't imagine mowing them down.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Facetime is almost as good as the real thing and it can happen more often!! How is AJ doing with his brother? It is raining here now and has been most of the day:)

Marie C said...

Loved the tulips! Beautiful overgrown flowers...who cares...they are just beautiful! And what a sweet little grandson! How nice that you can Skype and enjoy him that way!