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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, April 4, 2016

Early Morning View......

The start of my day looked like this when I went outside. Button was certain he needed to go outside and Barney followed me out.   Button is better as an alarm clock because he just gets up and shakes all over to let us know it is time for him to go outside. It was a few minutes before 6:00 and that is the time I get up anyway for school.

To my surprise the cherry blossoms were opening up.  I looked out into the orchard area Sunday afternoon and they white blooms were heavy enough for me to notice.  It was so windy yesterday that I had to take the branches in motion.

It is a little blurry but I think it shows how many blooms are on the trees this year.  We make jelly from these cherry trees as the fruit is too small to use for pie.

These cherry bushes are the first fruit trees to bloom.  I didn't look to see if the apple trees or pear tree has any buds on them yet, but I don't think they would.  I will go out and work in the yard after school as the last of the branches need to be picked up before the grass grows them under.  I am not anxious to mow yet but it would be nice to clean things up in another week or so. My neighbors across the way were mowing diligently yesterday.

I have been watching for the bleeding heart flower to push through.  I was so glad to see it again this year.  I wanted one for so many years and I think this is the third year for me in having the plant.

I am watching and waiting to see on of my Asiatic lilies to come up.  I moved it there because of the porch project and I hope it was a successful move.  I have had that bulb for many years. I see new things coming up in the same area as this bleeding heart.  I moved things in from the road project and they all seem to be alive.  I didn't even try to get the hollyhocks moved. I guess they were not up early enough for me to do that.

One last photo to share with you.  I find it interesting to see how the bright light from the window made the green show up in the bloom.  I generally think of them have a yellowish petal inside but this photo shows a nice green. The light really was illuminating them as we had sun shine yesterday.

I am in the FCS room today with high school and middle school students.  The younger ones are going to sew on pieces of paper today to learn the process.  One small culinary class is making apple pie filling today.  That will be fun to see them doing that.  Others have projects going on in interior design. I have work for 4 of the 5 days and that is good.  I am getting to be like the kids and will look forward to having school to be done.  I think there are 8 weeks of school left.  It will go fast.

I see my friends in the north are getting snow.  Others elsewhere have been having these strong winds. We had strong winds from the north for a few days and then yesterday the south wind brought in high 70's temp.  We were not 80 like they were in Des Moines.  When the wind died down we were almost back to freezing temperatures this morning.  Those clear skies make us cold.  The earth keep tilting in a good way and pretty soon we will wish it was cool again.  For now I know I don't know what to expect.   Thanks for checking in on me today.


Mildred said...

Really pretty pictures. So happy to see some of your plants coming to life. Our schools are on spring break currently.

The Furry Gnome said...

Nice lighting in that firdt shot.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What a lovely photo of your Easter Lily! Real cold here today and windy, I sat outside but boy I got cold:(