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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunny with Strong Gusts of Wind.......

Every spring the red winged blackbirds migrate through, heading north to a better place. They were raiding the scraps from the bird feeder and they were in great numbers.  The one bird to the right has a mark on its side like a red wing but I could only see red when they would fly away. Their sound was definitely that of a red wing as they made that familiar call to stay away from their nest. It is such a lot of chatter for them as they all seemed to talk at the same time.

I kept seeing this kind of bird too that made me think they were starlings.  It was confusing to see that head reflect like that with a blue color. As I look at these they do have a different shaped head than the ones in the above photo.

I have only this one strand of wild rose this year.  They have died out except for this one.  I will miss them but I like seeing all those lilies that are growing in their place. I had a daylily in the area last summer bloom for the first time since they started to die back.

Is this going to be the year for blooms on this red lilac?  I have grown it from a small twig for so many years and maybe this will be the year.  If so, you will be the first to see it in photos.

The wind is so strong today that it makes it uncomfortable to be outside.  We are in the 70's today.  I can see the hosta sprouts turning green today and they will be unrolling leaves soon. I have a good stand of iris everywhere from all the rhizome moving last year.  I don't have a clue as to what color some of them are.  I hope they bloom so I can know what they are.  I did move the hybrid white iris away from the road projects to three different locations.  The one that blooms first will be where I declare a successful site for iris.

Thank you for stopping in today.  I am resting this afternoon and it is good to be home on Sunday afternoon.


Far Side of Fifty said...

It is good for you to have a day off! That Lilac sure looks like it will bloom...good for you! :)

Mildred said...

Glad you could get some rest on Sun. It is fun to look around under the pine straw and leaves to see plants popping up. I can't wait to see your lilac.