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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday's Show and Tell.......

New England bluebells are in full bloom now.  They like the warmth to make them open up all the little bell shapes.

When I was a kid on the farm I would look for these growing out in the timber on our farm. We had over a 100 acres of timber on the farm and it was like having your own park.  We would look for mushrooms at this time and the bluebells would be scattered among the grasses and other wild flowers.

The wild violet is a viola colored one.  We never had these in southern Iowa on the farm but in town my friends had them in their yards.

I was able to get the trim boards up on the porch extension on Saturday. Some carpenters know that trim is required to cover up all the rough edges.  Mine are covering up a lot of things.  The long piece had to be spliced as it was longer than my six foot piece.  I see that I will need to replace all of the trim on the old existing section as it isn't the same width.  It is thirty years old anyway so it won't hurt to replace it all.

I will try to get the shingling done now as it has warmed up.  If you remember I built this in early winter during a somewhat warmer time.  It turned cold and I never returned. I had some non work days and I just started.  I had run out of summer to do the work.

The dog fence makes it look like I keep the tulips in jail.  I mentioned earlier that these tulip bulbs are multiplying as I planted only three bulbs here quite a few years ago.

Another warm day today and we will enjoy that.  It takes a while for the body to adjust to the hotter weather but it is so much better than the below freezing weather I had to go out in night and day with little dog.  Thanks for stopping by today. 


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The flowers are worth protecting! Have a great day!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Love the Bluebells and the Tulips...yellow and red together is stunning! :)