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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday's a Final Finish........

New buds to become blooms are showing up on strong stems.  If I don't screw up on the watering schedule I should see some buds flowering soon.  If I don't water them at just the right time I can get the buds to shrivel up because I allowed them to get too dry.  Ironically, the violet likes to bud if you let it dry out a bit.  That is why they are so hard to consistently grow.

One might ask what the futures look like for summer roma tomatoes.  At this point the future looks great. I planted romas into larger containers yesterday morning before going to school.  I didn't get done but I can finish over the weekend. 

I can count that I have eleven of them potted now. I have another dozen or so of romas and steak tomatoes yet to plant up. I don't like to let any of them die once I started them, so I need to go dig for some more plastic pots.  I double planted in some of the bigger and deeper pots.  It should work as long as I don't plant them to close together.

While teaching in the Social Studies room a couple of days ago I took a photo of this display.  The teacher has traveled to China and these are some of the items she purchased over there.  I don't know what grade the ceramics are but they don't look like they are made from China clay.  I bet they are made for the tourist trade and would be common ceramic productions.

I don't know who this guy is that is sharing his belly with us but I bet he is a monk.  There may be more symbolism here that I know about when I view it.

I am in the science room today again.  I have tests to give in five of the classes.  Worksheets to be filled out in all the other classes.  It should be a calm day.  I have had a couple of incidences so far which is normal.  A student just told me that they act that way when the regular teacher is here so it is just normal behavior of misbehavior.  I hope the day can go fast.

I broke a tooth sometime the in the past and it manifested itself yesterday while at school.  I was eating a soft item and the broken piece decided to shift around.  I have had that happen three time before in my set of teeth.  I am sad but I guess I have had them longer than some people keep theirs.  Monday is extraction day and a new bridge gets to be put in if I live.   I don't have bad teeth, they just crack vertically and the dentist likes to show me the healthy tooth after he takes it out.

Life does happen while one is making plans.  I will be off work for a while as the healing time seems slow.  I guess not being a teacher for a while is the only positive.  It will be nice to eat again.

We are to be 25 degrees F. tonight.  I don't know if we will reach that but I bet it will be close.  We were pretty close to below freezing last night.  I know that eventually things will straighten out and Iowa will move into our hot temperate zone of summer.  It will be too hot to mow the yard instead of being too cold to mow the yard.   Thank you for stopping by today.

Button update is that he seems better than before the fall.  He is very alert and back to barking for things just like a poodle does.


Patsy said...

We want have home grown tomatoes any more, will just have to watch
yours grow. Will you plant morning glory's this year? hope so!
I sure don't like tooth problems, hope you can get it taken care of soon.

Mildred said...

So very sorry about your tooth. John and I have a lot of dental problems. It's expensive and it's no fun!
Thanks for the update on Button and I am so happy he is better.
I am hungry for a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich after looking at/reading your blog posts! Have a good weekend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your tomatoes are making me hungry! Sorry about your tooth, that happens to me every once in a while too, no rhyme or reason they just break...getting old I guess:)