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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, January 30, 2017

Back Home......

We are home now after our adventure of driving to the Chicago area. We returned to boxes piled in the dining room and a large gallery studio area all torn up.  As we move through our day, things are collected up and saved or tossed.  I am too much of a history buff to throw away old bottles.

A rough looking plate that has a decal of a duck couple on a lake.  I had never really looked closely at the dish before now. The platter has always been on display in every house my parents old.  I remember seeing it in the old house on the farm in the 50s and then the new ranch house in the 60s.  When my parents moved to two different houses in town, the platter was in sight in the kitchens.

It isn't a very valuable platter.  It did have a gold design on it trailing around the outside rim of it. The scene is of two ducks on the water.  The background trees with mountains or hills make it a nice landscape.  I really never notice the cattails  before but I was always glad to see the water lily in the foreground.

I don't know the exact history of the plate but it was my Grandmother Brook's plate.  She was known to have moved from one abandoned house to another with her husband and the three kids. I am curious as to when in that cycle of living that she obtained the plate. I am guessing that my mom got the piece when she married as it has been in her household all of her life.  I have displayed it probably the last 15 years.  My mother had given her prized antique water pitcher to my one bother, which sat next to the plate always. I think she felt this plated needed to be given to me since the pitcher was gone.

We won't missed this farmhouse-styled set of stairs. I think of all of the history of it being used since it was first built in 1903.  I have meant people who said their grandparents lived in this house.  The abstract show that at least 25 people or more have owned the house. A man named Mel Brooks owned it before me.  Not thee "Mel Brooks'.  The abstract history sounds like a good source for a blog.

Well I need to shut this post down for the day.  I am very tired from the past day's adventures but things will be done today.  I am in the tear down mode of removing panelling from the ceiling of a 13" by 21" room.  The ceiling is on a slant so it will be more work than a flat ceiling.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I wouldn't miss those stairs either! I am glad you got to go to Chicago, I hope the visit was a good one with your Grandboys! I like your is very pretty:)

Mildred said...

So thankful your new home will be all on one level. I know you enjoyed the visit with your son/family. Don't make yourself sick taking on too many projects.
I enjoyed reading about the plate and how long it has been a part of your household.