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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, January 16, 2017

Good Morning Ice World.........

Having been outside with Barney earlier today I can testify the it is dangerous out there.  The sidewalks and street are very coated with ice.  I was out on it last night when it was first accumulating  and the streets were impossible to walk on.  I did the ice shuffle as Barney insisted on crossing the street. The places where it looked like there was no ice, were actually places of clear ice.

Clearing and boxing up all the contents of cupboards like this goes  with the process of moving.  The antique toy cupboard was needing a cleaning and I may add some more shelves while it is empty. If you missed yesterday's blog, my wife and I are going to leave our old house and will be moving to a much newer house in a location closer to Des Moines. Getting the things packed and also preparing a house for sale can get to be overwhelming.  We don't have to sell the 110 year old house right away so that should take a little bit of pressure off of us.  I still would like to paint up a few rooms for a better look.  I have two rooms that will need major work which one of them won't get the attention until we have moved out.

As we dig through things, I ran across this plate.  I won't say that it will move with us but I will appreciate it for now for its history. We can't keep everything.  The couple named John and Iva were  close step relatives of mine. I mention them a lot in my blogs.   I guess they were great uncle and aunt by definition but they were more than that.  I have major pieces of antiques from their household.  This plate was one that my mom had  made for them when they had their 50th wedding anniversary.  A local neighbor ran a ceramics shop in her basement and my mom painted all the parts to the plate. On the back is written in gold, my parents names plus family. Their son is the one that I am still in contact with and I am sure Loren gave it back to my mom when he closed their house down in Osceola. They did live to their 60th anniversary but I believe John passed away in 1978.

Three nights ago I was out with Barney.  The moon was bright and the sky was almost clear.  The Sac Air Force jets had left amazing patterns in the night sky. It looked supernatural as the moon illuminated them and the lines were crisscrossed in the sky.  There was an X in front of the moon.

The streams they left seemed to be lower in the sky as they were larger and closer to the ground.  The very next morning, I shot this stream in the sky.  It was being made as I stood there and when I first saw it, the length of it was a tenth of what you see here.

The sky above us is the flight path to the Des Moines airport and it seems like it would be difficult for the Air Force base to use the same air space.  I suppose the jets fly at a higher altitude than the passenger plane.  The commercial jets are headed north and south while the Air Force is to the west of us near Omaha.

We are leaving some things out for now so we can live around some of our normal items.  This collection was put back on the mantle when the Christmas display came down. The Christmas stuff was packed for moving.

We will be in all day today as travel will be impossible.  I guess our watch actually is over by Tuesday noon tomorrow. We will find lots of things to do and the ice storm does call for some down time for a nap. I hope everyone is safe today and warm too.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Glad you can be in on this icy day. There is so much to do when making a move. Hope all goes well and you find good homes for some of your treasures.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Stay safe and walk carefully! Hope your power stays on:)