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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Jack Frost and more.......

A small window at the top of our stairs is an uninsulated window.  It gives us a chance to see Jack Frost on the windows on a day like today. The crystal-like formations are so unbelievable to see with their intricate sets of patterns.

In contrast to the cold the viewing window has its pots of plants flourishing in the inside climate.  Both plants would not last 10 minutes if they were placed outside.

Things that make the life inside to be better is a gift box of candy from my wife's friend. It was full of those wonderful chocolate pieces and a week later it has less in number.

We are actually having a warm up to 20 degrees F.  today.  It will make it seem warm outside in comparison to 6 degrees and bad wind chills.  It has been miserably cold and we hurry from house to car when we leave to go anywhere.  We may venture out today as we have a couple of errands to run. We need a break from all that goes on in the house.  Our decorations are not completely packed away but it is close to being done.  An angel tree has to come down in the dining room and then the house will be decoration-free again.   There seems to be such a mess as we take things down but eventually it all gets into containers and carried upstairs or into the basement.  I tossed two trees because of their faulty base construction yesterday.  Having the one angel tree fall down, taught me to not use it if the base isn't a secure one.  Time to shut this blog down for today.  I do hope the weather is not a threat to anyone.  I do know that people in the south are getting a snow storm and I hope you all stay in safely from it all.
Thank you for stopping by today.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Good morning Larry ~ I saw earlier this morning that a cold front is headed our way, with the low expected to be 42 and feel like it is 36. Our first cold of this year. Right now it is very warm 77 and feels like it is 82. The winds are picking up though and the sky is partly cloudy with rain coming from the northwest. Temps will start dropping once the rain comes.

I love your frost on the window. Looks like ferns.

Stay safe and warm and enjoy the rest of the chocolates.


Patsy said...

We in the south just think we are going to freeze
if it gets in the 30's.You guys have much to long
winters for us. Ours is mostly 2 months long.Some times
March can be cold with snow.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Isn't that pattern magnificent !
I thought it was a fern at first glance.
Those chocolates are scrumptious, you can't eat but one :)
Stay warm Larry !

The Furry Gnome said...

Those frost patterns are beautiful! Our house is so well insulated that we never see frost on windows.