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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, January 14, 2017


It was still dark on Friday morning when we were invaded by garbage trucks.  I took this photo later after they were all gone.  A photo of depth resulted with my rock and yucca plant in the foreground.  The neighbor's fence, birdbath and recycle bin is in the back ground.  In the middle is a tipped over garbage collection bin.

I had contacted the garbage company and asked for a new garbage bin. The wheel on our old bin had lost it tire and only the plastic rim was being used to get it to the curb.  The also took information from me to remove an old couch and love seat couch from the curb. With extra pay, they pick up large items like that.  At one time we had a garbage truck there to take away the contents of the old bin and then also the bin.  The other truck was parked in the opposite direction and two guys were carrying away the two pieces of furniture.  A new bin was put out before they left. They tipped it over so the regular garage truck, which came an hour later with its magic hydraulic arm, wouldn't try to empty it.

We have decided that we can't go to Chicago tomorrow.  We could possibly make it out but we would not be able to return.  The state of Iowa will be shut down by Sunday afternoon. I don't think the Illinois side of the drive will be effected but that could change.

Weather forecasting can be so correct and when they say a temperature will drop at 6:00, it usually does do that.  But winter storms are harder for them to forecast.  We have been told many different time during the past few days as to when we will get hit with rain and ice.  I guess the latest time has been set at 12 noon on Sunday.
Whichever that it is, we are so very disappointed for not being able to get to Teddy's baptism.  There will be other special events that we can plan on doing with the family out there.

Our new camera is on its way.  It will be a new thing to learn all of its functions.  I am hoping it isn't that much different that our old camera.

I have missed some great shots of birds and perhaps that the rest of the winter will cause more snow.  The more snow the more birds that we get to see.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Ah that is too bad that you cannot go to Teddy's Baptism. Darn old icy weather anyway. :(

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Sorry your plans had to change, but best to be safe. We are bracing for the ice tonight and tomorrow. Stay warm!