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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesdays Things.......

The doorway from the living room to the office and gallery area has this little hallway opening. A chimney is on the left and a closet is on the right.  Barney likes the whole area but really likes laying on the cooler temperature floor in between the walls.  He is laying there looking through right now but when he gets too warm he will move a foot or so forward.  You can see he has worn off the paint as he lays there in his makeshift doghouse.

It is raining this morning.  Schools 20 miles north of us are closed because they have freezing temperatures. I hope we just keep the rain.  The waterfall is from the trough that collects the water coming down off the many roofed areas. The new extended porch helps send the water away from the house.

When I first took the photo through the door, I could see many reflections in the shot of the lighted room inside and the darker outside.

The day seems hazy with the rain. It seems almost foggy out there while  looking through the trellis.

A person who shares photos for the public to see on Facebook shared this banner that hangs on a building in the downtown Des Moines area.  It is the Meredith Building that creates many kinds of magazines.  The first one is Better Homes and Gardens. I was fascinated with the banner.

It is made of stylized images of glass ornaments that are all laying in a box.

I am not saying at this time that it was ever my image. What I am going to do is eventually find the photo of the box of ornaments that matches that image. I take a couple of photos of my boxes every year.  This year, I just happened to have my churches mixed in with them. I recognize the trains and other ornaments in the banner.  I guess I consider it a compliment that a photo of mine inspired the artist of the Meredith studio to create it. With the use of a computer the photo can have every part recreated as one Santa has an enhanced facial features.

 I know that I don't copyright things and that all my images are fair game to the public.  Once I had a women write me and ask to use a photo of an arched glass window from the top of an old school building in Maine.  I won't waste time looking for the photo but some day I will run across it when I don't have more important things to do.

Well it is raining and I have all inside work to do.  I hope to accomplish more things today in the gallery area.  Thank you for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

That is a beautiful banner and you are correct it looks like it could be one of your boxes of ornaments. Too bad people cannot do their own photos or at least give credit to the photographer for the inspiration :)

Wykeham Observer said...

Barney is a nice pup. He has a nice home.