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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tuesday's Things.......

A glass blown ornament that has a completely different decoration, is now in my collection.  The company gave the glass ornament a textured mottled coloring and then put glitter patterns on the ball shape. I would hope they have a machine to apply the glue and then it gets dipped in glitter. I would feel bad if it were all hand created.

With the discounted price, the ornaments ended up being about 40 cents apiece.  When they sell them with such a discount it causes our ornament pile to get larger and larger.

I had to go look at the mug one more time to see what the one bottom hidden word says. The lettering say, " Feel The Force Flow-Ho-Ho."  Yoda has his own coffee mug for me to use. We got a couple of more mugs from the Bar Harbor area.

It was hard to photograph it as the graphic is wrapped all around the mug.  It is a scene on a harbor there in the area with lobster traps siting on the dock.

It is a neat mug with Bar Harbor, Maine on the side of it.  I like the blue color chosen for the inside of it. We have one other new mug but I didn't get any shots of it yet.  The area up there in Maine is so beautiful and so different than living on the prairie in Iowa.

Another busy day is ahead for us.  We have to run one errand despite how very cold it is becoming.  They showed on the weather map last night this sprawling cold front from out of Canada. It was moving south toward us like an invading swarm of bees. We have the cold air already but it is going to get to be very cold.  If we travel we will have to get that car warmed up and also park as close as we can to the entrance of the store.  I just checked the weather channel and we are down to 21 degrees F.  It is to drop down to 6 degrees tonight.  The wind is throwing in unfriendly factors causing cold painful chills when we go outside. .

Thanks for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Turning real cold stay warm cause it is coming your way! Sorry to pass it on! I hope you are enjoying your time at home being retired! :)