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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dishes.......and Stuff.

We have a nice ledge on the one wall of the basement stairs.  It will be good for planned displays. For now it is a catch all space for me to place things that need to go to the basement.  My pottery piece heads downstairs while the cafe ware bowl actually is headed upstairs to be a Barney bowl.

Our local big grocery store sold blue willow plates for a while.  They also sold this red version.  It was a mistake when we picked up as a couple of bowls in a box and they were the red ones instead of the blue ones.

A dime store set of plates that I have shows a company created their own version of the plate.  I owned a cabin in Minnesota and these plates were in it.  When I sold the place I kept the plates. I have dinner plates and smaller ones like the one shown.  I found out when we moved that I also have a serving bowl with the set.

This is called a spooner.  I looked it up as I thought maybe my ideas about it were from my imagination. I did remember it correctly.  I don't know what nationality developed the idea of a container, holding spoons, that would be left on the table. I could see that if you had tea often that it would be good to keep the spoons on the table ready to go at tea time. Some of the spooners that I found on the internet were fancy pressed glass pieces.

 This is not a dish but it is ceramic. I bought this lamp at a garage sale many years ago.  It was siting on the dirt floor of the shed with a price tag of $3.  The lamp now sits in our living room with a new fancy shade. A brass base holds the ceramic base.

 I am sure the decoration of flowers is a transfer decal but all that gold had to be hand painted onto the lamp. I don't have any way of knowing how old that the lamp is but I know I have owned it almost 40 years now. We use to have it in our bedroom but now it sits on the oak table used as an end table in our living room.

I will finish with a Godzilla report. My oldest son was so fascinated with this guy when he was young 30 years or more.  When they two sons where helping clear the basement, the green guy was found.  It was to a great relief to my oldest son the the projecting arm was found and the toy was still fully intact. He was moved to the newer home for the grandsons to have as their own green monster.

I thank you for stopping by today.  Have a good day.


Mildred said...

The spooner is new to me. That is very interesting! Your lamp is very pretty. I also enjoy seeing your son's toys from childhood and love that the grandsons will enjoy playing with these items. We rescued another cat yesterday - wish us luck!!!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I like the red version of blue willow. I have two plates of it. I just mix it with my blue willow bowls.