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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Middle of the Street (week).........

Our newer home is light yellow with white trim.  The quilt design is from the former owners.  We like it and maybe some day we will paint one of our own designs on it. We definitely have lots of quilts.

I had to crop the above photo so I wouldn't be sharing with the whole world what are address is.  The design is painted on wood and mounted on the vinyl siding so we can't just take it down without leave screw holes showing. For now we will just live with it.  I think it is the only house in the whole division that has something like this.

All the houses in our row on our side of the street are very similar.  Of the five house that seem similar, ours is the only one with a two car garage. All of the others have three car garages. They do all blend though as you drive by them so I open the garage door as soon as I can to be sure I am stopping at the right house.

Some of the owners have removed their bradford pear trees from their yard. I have two of probably were originally three next to the curb.  I didn't know what the tree was but once the trees started blooming I knew its identity.

Some streets in the area are still fully lined with these trees. Our streets run somewhat parallel to each other but the all do wrap around the hill of the area. There are winding streets making an interesting design.  One does have to memorize how to maneuver them in order to go out as there are not any true north or south streets.

Superman lives, as he did make the move to the new house.  He can fly up and over it all and find his way around the place.  We brought some of the better toys for our grandsons enjoyment.  This guy has been posted on my blog before many years ago.

I will be making a third trip to the older home this week by myself to deal with the things in the garden shed.  I will start throwing away some of the obvious things that I don't need and then the rest will have to be thought through.  I can't bring all of it down to the new house and I do need to keep filling up my dumpster while I still have it. The past owner was so kind to leave all of his gardening tools with us but I have many of the same tools of my own or my father's things in my shed.  I will decide on some of that and make arrangements for the rest.  The neighbor across the street is taking some of my things.  He joked that his wife was wondering how they could move the garden shed across the street to their yard.

Well thanks for stopping by today.  I hope the photos of the front of the house tells you a little about our new place.  I will take more photos of the back of the house later as things start to grow.  Take care.


Mildred said...

Good Morning, It is a very nice house. I know you will enjoy having a garage. Bradford pear trees were very popular here about 20 years ago but landscapers decided unless the lower branches are trimmed, the tree gets too heavy and splits in windy or very wet weather. The blooms sure are pretty. I am taking a leave from blogging so there's no need to return the visit. Just stopping by to wish you both a lovely Easter and tell you how much I like your new home.

A Colorful World said...

Oh Larry I just love your new house! The yellow is so cheerful and I love the quilt medallion and those lovely flowering trees! Hope you are very happy there.

Dolly said...

I like it ! And I know that very soon the yards will have your own touch applied. I will miss the blue gate, though.

Rose said...

A nice daughter did live in a neighborhood like that where the road winds around and not real north or south. We really had to know know what turns to make.

The Furry Gnome said...

Nice to see what sort of house you've bought. Personally I like the quilt block; larger would be even better.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice looking house! I love the quilt square, perhaps it was the way of identifying their house! Looks like a pretty big house for the two of you!! :)