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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday's Tales............

A jumbo jet that my parents purchased for the grandkids.  I brought to the house as it is really a neat toy.  I know a couple of our grandkids that will like to play with it.

A must keep plate is this one with the calendar on it.  The scene in the middle is so wonderful but the age of the plate is amazing.  The year of 1913 is printed among the foliage of the flower decoration edging the plate. This came from my wife's side of the family who lived in the Grimes area. The potential of it coming from  either side of her grandparents is possible. I have posted this plate before on my blog but that was many years ago.

My wife mentioned in the winter time when we bought the house that she would like the garden to be her project.  As we looked at it this morning, there are a few perennials scattered in the planter. It looks like the former owners had an area in the front to put annuals. It will be a while  before we can start to do that ast I think our frost danger could still be a possibility.

In the front of the house there are these forms of stone planters.  Stuff seems to be planted in a simply way for low maintenance.  I can see there will be room for improvement.  I am not a big fan of rock gardens so some spaces will be cleared for hostas or whatever. The rosebushes are yet to be identified but I think they will all be blooming again.  The canes are greening up.  I just realized that this is the south side of the house so there should be potential for a lot of kinds of things to be growing there.

I did dig up a fern leaf peony on Wednesday and brought it here in a bucket.  I think I will be sharing the blooms of the plant soon as it will stay in the bucket for a while. It was wilted at first but when I dumped water on it it perked right up. I would like to bring hosta and iris to the new home with other specialty plants.  That will have to fit in with all the insane things that I need to get done. It will be an all summer project to ready the house for sale.

Barney visited his doctor today to get a follow up booster shot.  He was good at getting in the car the very first time but the rest of the getting out and getting back in seemed a little stressful for him. He is doing ok now an is napping peacefully on the living room rug now.  

I appreciate your stopping in today.  Our days look more like spring every day and I hope yours do too.


A Colorful World said...

The garden areas will be lovely with a little care. I know you will enjoy making it your own (you and your wife, I mean. :-) )

Mildred said...

Glad Barney is adjusting well. We love hosta but the deer eat it here where we live now. Our garden source, Miss Martha, sells hosta plants for $1 per gallon bucket - a real deal. Wishing you both a nice Easter. Congrats on such a pretty new home/yard.