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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday is a Sunshiny Day.......

Well-traveled and it is still looking good. It now has a north window in which it seems to be thriving. It is a strong constant light all day with no direct sunlight coming in the window.  We were gifted another Easter lily yesterday from our pastor and his wife so you will be gifted with many more photos of lily blooms. I have to get creative with the compositions when I have the same thing to take pictures of continuously.

Barney has always tired to find a place that seemed like a cave or a closed in space in which to feel safe. He loves the cool oak floors.  This is a new thing for him but he really seems to like the place. The newer house is a warmer house so I have had to turn on the air for brief times to take down the temps just for him. I can actually open the sliding glass door and drop the temperature in the house pretty quickly.  In the summer we can deal with the heat with turning on the air permanently.

The company where we have bought some furniture for our house has an Amish connection.  The oak furniture that we have is made by an Amish company.  I don't think that all people who work at the place are Amish but the company is dominated with the design and quality of solid hardwoods. Having said that, our first coffee table like this had a split corner on the magazine shelf where the screw connected it to the leg.  We were so busy the first few days we had not noticed it.  The grain of the wood on that corner just could not take the attachment process without breaking on the grain.  I doubt that it happens very often but wood does have a mind of its own when it come to the graining of it.The replaced it a few days ago.  Because they are each made by hand, the finish on the first one was a little lighter than this one.  The pattern of the glued together top was different than this one too.  They were very nice about coming out special and replacing the one with this one. We actually like this exchanged table better than the first one. There is a drawer on the opposite side of this view.

We are getting use to this lifestyle and living with lots of people.  The three houses in a row are all older people.  I think we are the younger of the three but that may be my imagination.  Living in rows requires us all to mow our yards with similar time periods. I didn't mention that the younger families do seem to be dominate here with a bus stopping next door to pick up a special needs student.

The noises of two different swimming pools can be heard in two different directions.  A noise of an engine seemed harsh a day ago and then I realized it was a neighbor down the way that was running his snowblower engine, to run out the gas in its tank.  I was outside when it stopped running. Two young boys will sneak out to shoot baskets before they have to go to school.  Dogs seem to be everywhere as so many walk by each day with their owners.  The noise of ambulance and patrol cars are near by but we are not that close to a main road or can't see it anyway. At night Barney and I can see the stars as well as the glow of Des Moines on a cloudy night. The crowd of a family parking in for Easter dinner was a pleasant sight to see as families do get together on our street.  We did hear that my wife has a distant cousin that lives south of us a mile away or less. As we adjust to our first couple of weeks we seem very settled. The unpacking and completion of the move is months away from now.  More of our stuff is now moved that what is left behind. In fact probably 90% of the things have been moved.  The last 10% should just be tossed or given away.

It is Monday and the start of another busy week. We had a good weekend and are somewhat rested to take on the tasks of the day and week. I thank you for stopping by today.


A Colorful World said...

We got farther away from people in our move. I was tired of hearing traffic all the time and living right next door to people. I hope you can make the adjustment. Love your coffee table!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I hope you are settling in nicely, getting used to the noise may take some time.
Beautiful coffee table, the Amish are such talented craftsmen.

Mildred said...

Barney looks very content. Theo enjoys a dog bed underneath John's desk during the day time.
Your home is very nice and sounds just perfect for the two of you. Most everyone on our street is our age or older except for the folks right next door with little Ella.
A neighbor told us the black bears have been spotted on our little mountain!
I wish you both so much happiness.

The Furry Gnome said...

Lots of things to get used to in anew house!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope you will enjoy your new neighbors, it will take some getting used to:)