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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, April 24, 2017


We still have the directions on how to put the lego soldier together.  It came with a lego set that made into a castle.

I had forgotten that we still had the sets of regular legos in a couple of containers.  One container was made special to hold legos and the other batch was in my youngest son's duffle bag. The legos did get move and are safe in my storage room in the basement.

It was a clear day on Sunday morning.  Clear days put out great color but a few clouds can add to the view a lot more.  This morning we had red skies but I didn't get out to capture it in time.  At a blink of an eye that sun raises up and the angle of light causes the color to disappear.

An old toy of my dad's did make the cut to be moved to our house.  I am not sure how long it will stay as our objects of decoration are getting to be too many now.  On a good day I can see letting this one go.  It was battery operated with the car spinning itself around while it travels around the on the floor. My one brother liked to buy my dad the mechanical toys as he knew how happy it made him.  My dad's first wind up toy was a donkey that had a rubber tail that would spin around in circles. It shook the body of the donkey and it would vibrate around in circles too.  I do think I have a Santa Claus that does a special move as it runs around the room.  Those things will be revisited and they will probably go away.  Some things make it to the house because of all the helpers who carry and the box really didn't get gone through.

I am off again to day to work at the northern old house.  I have a couple oft things that need to be torn apart and taken to the dumpster.  The one room in the house that has had so many functions as a kids play room, a piano room, and a bedroom for father-in-law. It now needs to be cleared.  I will be taking apart a piano in the room and discarding it.  The boys did take piano lessons on that big upright but it really is in bad shape now 30 years later.

We are to have good weather today and rain will happen on Tuesday.  All in all it is a normal spring.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

My son in law made a buffett/serving table out of piano parts and it is lovely. The sound board is in their garden. Soon AJ will like those Leggos!! :)

Rose said...

Hard to discard some treasures...others not so bad. And some you just can't let go.