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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, October 12, 2018

Barney and Other Things...

We had snow early morning.  I did not see it but I did see the wet deck and wet sidewalks and grass. It is cold enough to snow but we don’t have the strong winds today. The clouds are thin enough to gives a brighter day today.

Barney likes it cooler but he too doesn’t like the freezing wind chills. He had a good check up a week ago with his doctor. He is doing the best that he can for his 15 years. The floors were so slick at the vet’s that he had a hard time walking.  He looked bad but he really can walk on our carpets. We did buy some stray throw rugs for the kitchen and dining room to place in certain places. He is slow and old.  He can get up from the floor to walk but he really would like a little help.  He almost gets himself up and then I tug on the collar to pull him on up. He got his rabies shot and one other parvo shot.  He was ready to get out to there after that. Hr id on s heart pill twice a day now to help him some. It has given him a little bit more energy.

He does take a lot of one on one care but we want to do that. His eyesight is poor so he depends a lot on smell both inside and out.  He still has spunk as he sneaks over to the fire hydrant when we are out there even though I try to keep him away from the area.  I see that determined young dog in him when I look down and he is taking a quick right turn to go across the driveway to get to his favorite spot. Going outside is an adventure for him but he doesn’t have so much energy when it is time to come back inside.  He always look to see if his one favorite neighbor is out there to pet him.

Scratched out plans for replacing the one downstairs room’s floor.  The floor has always been a step down two inches as it was an old porch and they didn’t want to level it I guess.  I put down two by four boards on their side to bring the whole floor up one and a half inches.  When I add a half inch sheeting then the floor will be exactly level with the rest of the house.

It looks really bad right now but the sheeting will on the floor will go down next.  A lot of my time this morning was spent picking up 16 boards, loading them in the truck, and the unloading them and taking them into the house.  I got quite a workout doing that but the biggest part of the job is done.  I only worked about an hour on putting the boards down.  I didn’t get done with it but another hour should finish that part next time.

The invading vine from the stairs below is now attacking the sculpture .  It has it surround right now and it will continue until I chop on it below.  This fall is so different than last yeas.  I am finding that my outside work may have to be done in frosty temps.  The front trees have not drop its leaves yet and the maple in back is just now dropping things. I will have the truck to fill with leaves and vines with dead zinnias when it gets to be time.  The sunflowers too take some special care to get them out of the group.

I hope everyone is doing well.  I haven’t heard from my Georgia blogger friend but my Florida blogger friend survives the hurricane as she was east of all the powerful winds. Everyone have a good day today  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to see Barney, pat him a bit for me. I know what patience and dedication it takes to care for an elderly dog. Your room looks like a real project! Cold here I think we are on the cusp of winter :(