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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fall Chores.....

When looking around the place I can see a lot of ugly.  Fall to me means saying good bye to a lot of good flowers and foliage. Among this mess I do have planted 15 new tulips. The stems from the sunflowers are in the tree landfill now and so it is just bare ground. My peonies are all trimmed back now and there are about 35 new tulips planted in the same flower bed in the front yard.  I think the tulips will come up before the peonies but if not, it will be ok.

The tomatoes are all gone now with just scraps of old tomatoes laying out on the ground. The marigolds were also dropped off this morning at the landfill.. All that is left growing here now is the chive and a lavender plant. Fall can be ugly here too.

The color of these mums can make a great impression. I think most of them are now in full bloom.

The front of the house looks great at this time with all the mums blooming. The roses are not so full anymore but some of them still have some good blooms on them.

The plaster, dry wall ceiling, was removed today.  I dreaded the job but it did get done faster than I thought.  The first third of all the plaster panesl scraps filled up my garbage bin, which will go out tomorrow. I went back and removed the rest of the ceiling and the scraps are all sitting in piles ready for next weeks dumpster. I won’t show you the ceiling even though I have photos. When I get the new ceiling put in then I will show a before photo of it. It looks too awful.

The roof over this area was so bad that my wife and I had to build a new, steeper pitched roof over the old one 20 years ago, to get it to stop leaking.  The guy who flipped this house sold it to me with a saggy baggy porch like roof on it. Needless to say, but I am glad that I removed that bad ceiling. I am not sure what I will do with it to replace it.

I have about five of these sunflower heads to keep for winter.  One of my blogger friends strips the seeds off of there but I don’t think I will for now.  I need to get them in the basement soon.

It is Thursday and the week has flown by.  We spent the noon meal with two of my old high school classmates and their wives at a restaurant yesterday. I started kindergarten with them and have known them for over 63 years.It was like a mini 50th class reunion.   Jim is actually a cousin of mine as my dad and his mom were first cousins. Jin is in Arizona and Bernie has always lived in Iowa  but not very close. Adding all the changes to their bodies with new eye lens of the one and new knees to the other, I guess I need to get busy with getting my parts worked on. We have too many memories these days and it best not to remember them.

Well, Friday is coming and I hope all is well with you all.  I appreciate your checking in today. Take care.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Your house is so pretty with the Mums in bloom:)