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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sunshine Day.....

As the moon waxes toward a full phase,  the moon rises in our sky in the late afternoon.  I have a lot more success taking its picture in daylight.

Because I go out with Barney every evening I do get to see it change in size. I will never understand the whole process of its transformations but I like that I can find it each evening and watch it change in the sky a little more to the right each night.

The process also has taught me to know which one is Mars and its movements are not so drastic when it changes its position.  The moon looks like it is going to be full by the time Halloween arrives.
It was a blustery day with winds from the north helping it to be cold. The sun still did shine making the clouds stand out and reflect it light. When I see clouds like this I am certain we won’t have rain.  I attended a funeral Saturday afternoon and the side of the hill was brightly lighted where the parking lot was. The wind from the north was strong.  The chapel was sort of on a low slope of the hill and the cemetery is on Iowa rolling hills. I was not related to the person who died but knew her sister and her nephew who we work with in the Asian ministry in our church.  I figured it out that we have known them for over 19 years now.  We actually did know the woman who died longer than that as she and her living parents then, sat in the same area as us when we were first attending the church.

The weather was good for the burning bushes this year as they have a strong red color.  I think they rains kept them nourished and the leaves are going to be very red. It is funny how everybody's burning bush always seems to be more red than mine.

It is a good day, Sunday, and I hope everyone is enjoying their day. Thanks for checking in on my post.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Your burning bush has good color, I looked at mine we had such a wind one day all I can see are a few berries:)