Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, October 29, 2018

Monday Afternoon......

The day is bright and the areas of pure sunlight on the mums causes the mums to be lighter in cold.  The six or seven plantings of these seem to be now all in full bloom.

The sedum is getting darker in color as it reacts to the frosty mornings.  I am waiting to clear this bed of flowers and will decide what will not be cleared.  Leaving some forms of the plants should look great in the snow.

This does look like a cool morning sky.  The clouds are pierced with a jet vapor trail. The leaves are really thinning out now as the days get shorter and colder.

As long as I can get a clear shot of the moon either in the morning or late evening I will keep shooting. At some point of time, I want to group my moon shots and see the various differences of the terrain on the moon.

While the moon was out this morning, I was out scrubbing the siding on my house.  On the northwestern end of the house I had mold build up.  The side is shaded all summer and I noticed that I needed to remove. it  I never thought that I would have to take a stiff brush and scrub with a cleaner to removed the buildup  of mold. I also had it on the back side of the house extending about ten to fifteen feet up on the side of the house.  The south side where my neighbor’s house shades it also had to be cleaned. I think the dust that settles under the ridges of the vinyl siding has a bacteria in that dust.  By the end of the summer is just develops into a green problem.  I had to get a ladder to scrub down the bottom half of the fireplace chimney which at the second story level of the house when you stand in the backyard.  Scrub and rinse seemed to be the rhythm of the beat for today.

Our neighbors in the back of the house in most cases just leave their windows open to view.  We can see two different cats wanting to go outside and the little boy looking to go out.  The little boy is just walking now.  This room of the house directly behind us apparently is a small den. The young man and his wife show sports shows a lot and the cartoons are on to help to pacify the little boy.  I think the guy is the only one watching sports as the mother probably is with the son in another room. I rarely shoot photos of other peoples houses but this seemed to be an artistic kind of shot showing the game being played. We tend to lower our shades before dark as people can see us up on the second story, or our main floor while we eat in the dining room or watch tv in the living room.

Well the blog is coming to an end for today.  I really need to find some new things to shoot.  I have a lot of leaf shots that I could shoot and a giant Green Bay Packers blow up doll up the street a few houses.  I do think it is time to go somewhere along the lake and take some shots.  We just can’t park along it as it is being used for flood control and most side roads along it are flood in.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Is there anything you can spray on the house instead of scrubbing the mold? I suppose you have researched it...sounds like a not so fun careful on the ladder! Pat Barney for me:)