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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Saturday’s Stuff to Share....

An Air Force jet slices up the sky leaving a vapor trail behind. Many of these were in the sky so there were practicing or training new recruits.

We have a lot of traffic from the Sac Air Force Base in early morning.  The must be flying at different altitude as the Des Moines Airport has lots of traffic up there too. A are thing that I have noticed at night is the jets leave the airport going east and then come north towards us. At a certain point they either head east or west.  It is busy up there even at ten o’clock at night.

I have raked the first batch of leaves from the maple tree and hauled off the one bag. I look outside after I am done and I have left the rake laying on the ground. If I would leave it there the rake would be covered with leaves making it hard to find.  I did go back and get it later in the day.

One of my blogger friends told me what kind of maple that this it.  It has very dark red leaves all summer and now they are turning yellow before they drop to the ground. I didn’t rake it last year but used the for mulch as well and mowed them to powder.

With this being only the second fall for me here at this property I didn’t remember for sure what the tree was going to do.  I don’t like the top of the tree but I won’t take it down.  The top of it must have been broken out as it has two stray sticks projecting up out of it at the top.

I am glad to see the William Baffin rose is doing well on the southeast side of the house. I will have to create a trellis to handle the canes as it is a climber. It is planted in that old clay soil next to the house but I did dig a big hole to add dirt around its roots.

It is a sunny day today with the temps less cold.  It sounds like rain is heading our way by tomorrow and wind is suppose to pick up for a few days.  Thanks for stopping by at my post.

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