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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tuesday’s Things...

The past few weeks this vine started growing in the cracks of my steps.  It looks like it could be a cucumber or squash.  I really don’t know where the seeds are coming from but the ones above were the harvest from a volunteer vine on the other side of the yard.  My neighbor right across the property  line has grown buttercup squash but no see would be coming from the squish unless this is a spilled seed from the packet in early spring.

The honeysuckle vine did not bloom much this year.  It was either too hot or too wet.  These fall blooms really look weathered but the vine seems to have grown. I noticed yesterday that it needs to be fastened better to the trellis.

The joke that is out for Iowa that we only had two rains this summer.  One started and lasted 15 days.  The second one started and lasted 30 days.  It has been an unusual summer.  The heat wave in early spring was also a different thing for us.  We are back to raining now and rivers are already full.

The blue spruce has done well with good rains as it has sprouted out lots of new needles and the color is a good one.  I looked at the evergreens yesterday again and they were all sold out of them.  I don’t have to worry about planting this fall any spruce.

It is a struggle for the morning glories this time of the year.  The need some warmth and they wait to bloom when they can feel it.  This is the late afternoon and we had warmed up to 76 degrees F.  I think we will be seeing those vines to be frozen in a couple of weeks.

If it is going to warm up today and it isn’t raining I will try to clear out some of my flower beds. Zinnias and peonies are big on my list.  I hate to clear things too early but it may never warm up again like it will today.

It is Tuesday and I hope you have a great day.   Thanks for stopping by today.

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Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Those are some nice looking volunteers, Larry, and I was wondering if you olan to try and use them or will they be decorative.