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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


It was a nice snow.  We had about an inch or less of snow in the early morning. It does clean things up with a nice white covering and we got cold enough for the ground to be frozen again on top of the soil. We live a little far south of the major snows.  Others north of us were to get 4 inches or more.  I had to dress well enough to go scoop the snow path for the little white dog. He will walk through it but it would be better if I shoveled it. The weather rock has just a light coating on it.

I had just happened to snap this the day before knowing the weather rocks would be seeing a change in their conditions. The blue is the enlarged bottom step for Barney. It was made from recycled wood from my gate.  It is level with the bottom step and he can get up on that and then easily handle the next two.

Not knowing that the town was going to come in and grind away my redtwig a week ago, I had tried to transplant some of this last summer.  It is growing.  I may not be around to see how big it becomes but it is living.  I will be anxious to see if it has established itself enough to put out more sprouts from the roots that it has.

I did get the feeder put back together yesterday on my day off.  It was a little cold to be out there but I was determined to get it back up. I built it with recycle wood and some of the bracing is rotted already.  I may get it through one more winter but strong winds could take it out again pretty easily.  I put bigger nails in it which was one of the problems.  With the snow last night the birds were digging this morning out the snow to get to the piles of seed.

I am concerned about the squirrels that lived in my two trees that they removed. I know they are pretty adaptable and probably found new trees to live in for the rest of winter.  It is just that I have had corn out in this old feeder and there is not a squirrel in sight.  I do have one squirrel still living in the front tree but I think they are too territorial to have more than one or two squirrels per tree.  Maybe today with snow on the ground a few of them will show up to eat free corn. They lost their tree limb highway in which the traveled from tree to tree to get to the feeder area.

I finally caught a shot of my algae eater. The sun is creating a lot of algae right now.  I need to get the glass on the back covered with paper so the sun won't shine through it anymore.  Do you see the suction cup on the end of his nose.  He also does eat fish food when I scatter food in the water.  This guy was a small little one and he really has doubled in size.

I am in the High School English department today.  It was an emergency call and I got the call at 5:30 this morning.  I may be here the rest of the week. I mentioned that we had a light snow and I think we have more coming on Thursday.  We lucked out with a small amount of snow and we will warm up enough to melt some of it.

Thank you for stopping by today. Everyone take care out there.


The Furry Gnome said...

We're getting a LOT of snow here tonight, but it's supposed to be 10 above by Tuesday.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You got snow! It is cold here but it will warm up by the weekend! All went well today with the surgery, we are tired but at home:)