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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, September 26, 2016

A Morning Posting......

The mandevilla has opened its first bud into this wonderful bloom. For a tropical kind of plant it waited to bloom this fall when it has cooled down.

A zinnia, which too is a late bloomer, has pale colors as it first opens. It will darken as it matures.  A monarch circled and landed in the area but then left in the wind heading to the top of the trees nearby.

The hostas are looking weathered but this one still has its leaves intact.  The weathered one are too sad-looking for me to even photograph.

The rings on the tree stump are very large.  Unlike a hardwood tree where the lines are close together, this soft wood tree has large rings and this kind of tree is short-lived.  The moisture on the tree made the large rings show up and erased all the signs of scratching from the chain saw as I previously shared in a photo.

Just like the bad focus on this photo, the tomato patches are becoming blurry messes. The vines are failing and falling.  The tomatoes end up on the ground and need to be picked quickly to keep the insects from biting into them. The flavor of the tomatoes are really good this year.  I had abundant vines and enough tomatoes for two people to eat during the late summer months.

It is Monday and I am back at school teaching seventh grade grammar and literacy.  Knowing the difference between and autobiography and a biography is being discussed. Dangling modifiers and misplace modifiers is being taught to all these corn-fed students. I am in the most part enjoying my short term teaching job and today is the half way mark to the finish line.  As the fall ends and winter moves in I will be glad to not have to get out into the weather.  We were cold today and my furnace was running smoothly.

I wish everyone a great Monday and thanks for stopping by today.


Patsy said...

Here in the mid-south we are having our first day
of cool weather. Sure is nice, it was 90 yesterday.
The tree I see from my computer is more yellow now
then green.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Our furnace is not on yet! Your Mandevilla is beautiful! Half way done with your teaching job...good for you:)

Mildred said...

The Mandevilla is a lovely color. Glad school is going well and hard to believe you are half way through. Your winters are so severe, I am happy you won't have to get out so early.