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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday's First Blog......

I am so glad to have this tree down.  It bothered me to look up and see the skeleton of a dead tree in the yard. I should think a watering pan for the birds would work well on top of this stump.

I don't think this kind of tree intends to live very long.  It is the same kind of tree that the Minnesota companies use to plant for paper making. They grow fast in a few years and they take them in and process them. I bought it as a fast growing tree really not thinking.  I should have known better. The rings on the trunk really may be uncountable as it is such a soft tree.

The rose hips on the wild rose are so much larger than usual this year.  I keep mentioning that we didn't have any hot and dry weather to discourage them from developing in a healthy manner.

As an afterthought I placed a morning glory seedling next to the blue gate.  It has struggled but I am betting I will see blooms soon.  There are buds and the vines have really filled in for me on the fence.

I pick them green as I sometimes don't return in enough time to pick them ripe.  I mentioned earlier that a ripe roma drops to the ground whenever it choses. I have to hunt in the grass for them if it is tall grass. The quality of the flavor of this years tomatoes is so great.  Last years tomatoes were so watery tasting with little flavor.  I do have steak tomatoes but I happened to be in the patch where the romas were really starting to turn.

It is Wednesday and reaching the middle of the week does seem like it is an accomplishment. I appreciate your stopping by today.


troutbirder said...

I've been losing very old oak trees to the wilt. They are treasures indeed. You probably lost a popple tree or something akin they turn into pulp etc for paper...

L. D. said...

I called it my first blog as I had written two. I created one the day before and didn't remember that I had. Then I made another one. So I did some shifting and all is well.