Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Middle of the Week........again.

The silver spotted skipper is a frequent visitor to what flowers I have left in the garden.  I have not seen this variety of butterfly before this year.  It seems to be one of the few kinds that I have. There are a couple batches of sedum that are just now blooming and the zinnias keep putting out some new blooms which will help to keep them around a little longer.

 The windmill seems to be almost choked off from the wild vine.  It never became this large last year but this year it is abundantly growing.  I could pull some of it off but the frost will get to it some of these days. I have the idea that I would like to get the blades replaced back onto the windmill and I have an idea that I could get that done by the welding shop class at school. I will be working on that this fall.

The petunias are looking better than ever as the rains have slowed down.  They don't like to be flooded all of the time by rain but do seem to bounce back quickly.  As a purchase value, this has been a good buy.  I paid little to get a pot of flowers.

Most of you who have followed me know that I do take action on whims.  I grabbed some seeds of the morning glories and scattered them at the base of this post.  I have no flowers at this point but I have a great looking vine going up the post.  I have hope that all those buds that I see on the vines will bloom soon.

It is another day at the office, so to speak for me.  Grammar teaching is ruining my easy going writing style as I now have to proof my sentences in my blog writing.  All those intentionally dropped "Subject" parts  of the sentence are now being put back in and the verb usage has to be checked out randomly.  Dropping the subject when I write, makes me sound more like a storyteller but I can still tell stories with a proper subject in the front of the sentence. I think though I do have an identity conflict thing going on as I lost my original identity to proper grammar usage.

Thanks for stopping by today.  It is hot and humid out there and also inside as the air in our classrooms is not working.  I wish everyone to have a good day.


The Furry Gnome said...

I don't think I recall a picture of your windmill before. We had one on one of the properties we owned about 15 years ago.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh please don't proof my blog...I am certain it is a nightmare! Yes I bet welders could fix your windmill:)

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your yard is a paradise!!!

Mildred said...

I hope no one is checking my blog for grammar etc., either! When in doubt, I use the "..." ! lol I think you said you do that too!
Your flowers are still pretty, even late in the season. Those petunias sure remind me of mother. John is envious of your windmill - he would love to have one! (you see, that time I used a "-" !