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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday's Things.......

My blogger friends identified this as a skipper.  I have never seen nor photographed one before this year. I don't know why they have just showed up in the garden befor but there are many of them eating on the sedum blooms.

After researching this one, I find that it is a silver spotted skipper.  I may have seen these before but I have never identified them before.  It is a toss up as to which kind is larger in numbers as the one above or this larger one. There are so many of them.

Dry weather usually destroys the sedum in the garden and this is the first year that it has bloomed so profusely for a long time. I really didn't know they had so much nectar.  The bumblebees and honey bees are also very interested in the sedum.

I had one monarch still floating around last evening in the area.  I didn't see any more of them but I didn't stay out for so long as the mosquitoes were biting.

Fading flowers can still have a partial beauty to them.  I don't have any coneflowers left in full bloom but these pastel-looking ones are still showing off as pink flowers.

I laid two of my partially ripened tomatoes in my wheel barrel of bark and sticks.  I like the contrast of the smooth skin of the tomatoes with the roughness of the bark. I pick the tomatoes early as I don't want the insects eating on them.  I know if they start to ripen that I can bring them inside to finish up the ripening process.

It is a busy week already as this is Homecoming week in the high school.  The middle school doesn't participate so much but they still get excited about all the things that are happening. We had toilet paper draped all over the trees this morning in the school parking lot.  A tradition done by schools in Iowa for Homecoming week.  It makes the kids a little crazy and it takes more work to keep them on task.

I thank you for stopping by today.  Have a great day.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Larry, Homecoming is a wonderful week for kids I remember the excitement! It was a good year for my sedum too and it has a few bees but not as many as it used to...times are changing:(