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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Times..........

One of the many silver spotted skippers in the garden this fall.  They seem to be the only butterflies left to gather nectar from the blooms.  The bees are doing very well right now but the bumblebees seem to be gone.

The golden privet does not seem to ever grow into a large shrub.  It seems to die down every few winters and just starts over again.  In the fall the colors from the leaves are so great to see.

The mandevilla plant is now ready to bloom.  I am sure that I will be taking photos of it in bloom soon. It has taken it all summer to come around to put on some buds.  I have a couple of branches that has buds on them. I know that I mentioned earlier that it is going to get moved into a larger pot.  It does well inside in the window as it vines up the blinds of the window and I have to keep cutting it back.  I has never bloomed inside but usually blooms outside in the summer.

We visited the bookstore on Saturday and had a few hours of "away" time.  We found the last two DVDs of the Sherlock Holmes tv series and were happy. We have watched the first years series way too many times.  I also made a mad dash to the O'Reilly Automotive as I had to replace the back left turn signal light on the car.  The socket on that side must be faulty as it seems to look like it is overheating the bulb.  All was fixed quick enough but it was really hot out there working on the car in late afternoon.

Red and green remind us of Christmas but this shrub will soon be all red with red berries.  One bush is turning and the one  growing right next to it is not.  I should photograph that sometime to show the strangeness of how they don't mature at the same time.

I will share for the last photo this blurred shot of the blue morning glory.  It could be painted and look just like a Georgia O'Keefe oil painting.   I hope everyone will have a restful day.  Thanks for stopping by today.

We are the proud owners of fiber optic cable now for our internet connection.  When I use the borrowed school computer and do the blog, I am moving around in double time motion.  It is good and it is bad.  I will get use to it and we were so deserving to have the new line after all the time we have wasted in waiting for things to download.  Barney really made good friends with the cable guys and barked to ask them to stay and play. They really were nice to him and he appreciated new members in the family.


It' said...

Faster is almost always better, at least with the internet connection. I bet you will have a slight adjustment, not having to wait so long! I love the last photo of the morning glory...very nice.

Far Side of Fifty said...

High Speed Fiber, we have that too, but are noticing that old machines are still a tad slow. You should paint that Morning Glory:)