Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, September 5, 2016

Lobor Free............

It was a cooler day yesterday and the morning glories stayed in bloom through the afternoon. The day was gray so the flowers had a deeper red color showing.

This young squirrel has driven crazy all summer with its antics.  He has not been scared of the dogs in the backyard.  He isn't scared of me when I walk close to him at the birdfeeder.  He has no fear.  Now he seems to be licking my deck.  I realized that I sometimes put salt on the deck in the winter to rid it of ice.  I am guessing he can taste and retrieve it from those boards.

His head is is constant motion.  I didn't realize that neither head shot of this guy is in focus.  He was out yesterday  again and climbed the porch pole and glared at me.  He wanted me to go away so he could resume his activity. With the two big silver maple trees gone we have only two squirrels on the property.  The front big old maple is still standing and I think they are sharing the tree with a raccoon.

The last of the hollyhock plants still have one stem of buds at the top. The stems are really tall this year because of the rains we had all summer.

The late starts of the two sunflower seeds have shown what will be happening.  Since the started so late they are just going to grow about three foot high and start to make a bud on each of them.  Season timing means they should be doing that right now so that is what I am seeing. It is a strange season as the two plantings of seed didn't yield any plants at first and now there are two.  The morning glories out there have yet to bloom and the tomatoes planted out there are filled with fruit but they have not ripening.

  I shared this rose bloom the other day and it seems to be haniging on for a long time.  I am glad to see two more buds are on the stem. 

No big plans for the day off today.  We may go in and hit the Star Trek movie before it is gone.  I have some work to do on the porch and all outside work will be done in the morning. It is going to be 90 degrees this afternoon. A heat wave seems to be moving in for a few days.  I hope all have a good day today and thanks for stopping by to view the post.


Mildred said...

I enjoyed seeing your flowers and the squirrel. We were just watching a squirrel through our window jumping from tree to tree. I hope maybe you two were able to attend the movie. Our high today was mid-80's, a nice change!

Red said...

I have nasty squirrel too that I swear at. Swearing at him doesn't do any good though.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We have some squirrels that think they own the place too! It was hot and humid today...the air was just heavy. I heard it will cool down now and that is fine with me:)