Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


As I work with my collections of various things I snapped a few photos.  I had to dust them, wrap them in bubble wrap, and place them in a big box. The kinds of collections seem to be determined by the phases going on in my life.  Old cars, antiques, and new cars made to show the old are a part of the many things.  I have very old trucks and cars from two generations back.

The waterfowl collection was an ongoing process until they stop selling them.  My wife would buy them as a yearly gift and then she couldn't find them in the stores.  I do see that they are bringing back some of the figurines but they are in few numbers.

My toy soldiers are another whole story that I won't share for now.  I have two different brands of these that were made during the 40s.  The conditions of mine vary by what they were made from.  I have some metal ones where the paint is flaking away and others are paper mache which are so fragile.

I am back on the step ladders again today.  I am going to pace myself by not working on the ladders all day.  I can get my job done if I put in a few hours each day. We have errands to run, people to call, and things to buy.  I see that we are promise cold weather again now and also some rain on the side.  It is still early spring and snow is always a possibility in early spring.

Thank you for stopping by today.


Mildred said...

I remember brother Larry having cars like these when he was young. Your Army figures are real treasures, as are the bird figurines. Your days are very full right now. Take care.

A Colorful World said...

Don't overdo it going up and down those ladders too much! Love your interesting collections. I am such a collector myself!

The Furry Gnome said...

I really like those old cars.