Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fan News.....

When my old squirrel cage fan went out on the old furnace I had to replace the fan.  The size is too small but the new one worked good enough.  It was purchased on the internet and came in three days.  I told the guys what when they tear out the old furnace that I wanted that one hundred dollar fan.  I may need it in my garage to vent out heat in the summertime. It is a smooth running machine.

When there was a coal burning era, a furnace was constructed using one of the cast iron doughnuts.  The glowing fire was under the metal doughnut and the air inside of it was heated up.  Hot air rises and cold air comes down.  It was called a gravity feed system and there was not any fan system involved with the furnace.

The 1937 beer cans found inside of the furnace venting system tells me when that all took place. Eventually a fan system was added blowing air over the top the this donut helping to collect the heat and sending it to the rooms.  The furnace company took away all the metal pieces so I didn't have to figure out how to haul it all away. The two of us and Barney are all resting up today from the three days of young men working in the basement and in the house too. It is quiet now except for the hum of the new furnace.

The mind is the first to go.  I really could not figure out when this kettle came into the household.   I finally clicked into some grey cells in the brain and remembered it came from my parents home. I don't remember it but the closing of my parents home did take a long time.

One more view of the dump that was in my yard.  I will take new photos of the new furnace eventually.  The basement is full of all these shiny new pipes sprawling all over in the ceiling.  We are definitely in need of heat today as we started off below freezing this morning and it isn't going to warmup much today.

We ate late last night as the workers left late on their last day.  We went to the cafe that has free pie on Wednesday.  It was sort of our treat to ourselves for the long week.  We were too tired to go out but it was good to do so anyway. We are having a sunshiny kind of day today.   It really does look like spring out there but it just doesn't feel like it.  We are back to painting on the gallery today and are painting trim boards today.  We have two coats on the window trim and we will need to wait to get the final coat painted.  Well, I guess I will just close this down.  I hope all are doing well and the weather is being kinder to you.

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